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Announcing Asia Hackathon Season 2021

Filecoin is a global community of developers, entrepreneurs, storage providers, storage clients, business leaders, and more. IPFS is a peer-to-peer network and protocol designed to make the web faster, safer, and more open. The Filecoin and IPFS ecosystems are deeply committed to nurturing hacker communities in Asia as an open-source protocol and storage network on which anyone can build new startups, ship innovative applications, solve significant problems, and shape the future of the web to be more decentralized, robust, and secure.

Asia Hackathon Season 2021 is a multi-month hackathon series that will identify, accelerate, and highlight the incredible development work being done in Asia with the Filecoin and IPFS stacks. About $500,000 in prizes and grants will be rewarded to the teams, startups, projects, and entrepreneurs taking part!

Asia Hackathon Season 2021 consists of several events this fall: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury.

Saturn is a track at a hackathon organized as part of the Wanxiang Hackathon with both virtual and in-person events lasting from August to September, and focuses on integrating blockchain and other digital technologies, like 5G, AI, and IoT, to accelerate the digital transformation of various industries.

Jupiter is a virtual hackathon lasting from late August to October focused on solutions building on IPFS or decentralized storage services that use IPFS. Technical support for Jupiter Hackathon will be provided by Alibaba Cloud. Winners will be announced and rewarded at an offline event in Shanghai.

Mars is a virtual hackathon lasting from late August to late October held in collaboration with Polygon that is open to beginners as well as experienced coders creating new or enhancing existing dApps that solve everyday decentralized storage problems on Filecoin or IPFS networks or by building on Polygon while exploring the utility of Filecoin and IPFS for their storage requirements.

Mercury is a virtual hackathon co-hosted with Flow and explores the full potential of NFTs. Registration will open in September and submissions will be due at the end of October. More details about Mercury will be released so check back soon.

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