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Achieving Breakthrough Scalability with InterPlanetary Consensus (IPC)

Despite rapid innovation, blockchain technology remains unable to support the transaction volumes, speed, computation or data storage required for decentralized platforms to rival today’s centralized web2 giants. Current blockchains struggle with balancing decentralization, security, and scalability all at once within a single chain. This severely limits the viability of decentralized apps to provide the performance and user experience to disrupt major consumer markets like social media, gaming, entertainment, and productivity tools. Meet InterPlanetary Consensus (IPC), a revolutionary blockchain technology from the minds behind Filecoin and IPFS, designed to bring planetary-scale performance to web3.

Introducing InterPlanetary Consensus (IPC)

IPC unlocks a new era of web3 scaling and flexibility for builders. With IPC, decentralized applications can reach planetary scale through recursively scalable subnets, sub-second transactions, robust compute workloads, and highly adaptable WebAssembly runtimes tailored to developer requirements.

IPC allows the creation of flexible, dynamic networks of customizable sidechains or “subnets”, which can achieve massive scaling by running parallel chains that interoperate with one another. It also empowers developers to bring compute onto the Filecoin network. 

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Interested in some hands-on learning with IPC? If you’re heading to Istanbul for DevConnect Istanbul or LabWeek23, stop by the IPC event “Breakthrough Scaling with InterPlanetary Consensus” on November 16th to hear from the IPC builders - Register Now!

Key Capabilities and Unique Features

IPC offers a range of key capabilities and differentiators that make it a game-changer for web3:

  • Infinitely Scalable Blockchain Networks: IPC’s breakthrough approach brings web2-level speed and scale to web3 by harnessing flexible networks of recursive blockchains or “subnets”. This design promotes massive scaling through parallel blockchains and ensures they can communicate seamlessly with each other. Soon, IPC-powered networks will also be able to dynamically adjust their throughput by spawning and merging temporary subnets as needed.
  • Deeply Customizable Networks: Developers can tailor their subnets to be hypertuned to their specific needs, including custom gas schedules, their own native tokens, and configurable membership rules. Additionally, IPC’s customizable  runtime enables specialized execution, allowing developers to run highly optimized programs written in languages compilable to WebAssembly, on top of the Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM). 
  • Based on the Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM): FVM’s extensible features such as the EVM runtime, combined with IPC, offer a robust platform for developers, being fully EVM-compatible with Solidity tooling and custom WASM modules. Teams already building on Filecoin and FVM can effortlessly transition and harness the power of IPC.
  • Cross-chain Transactions: With IPC, seamless interoperability between chains is key. It enables fluid transactions across its topology, facilitating the movement of tokens, data, and calls between various subnets.
  • Ecosystem interoperability: IPC seamlessly integrates with Filecoin and EVM-compatible chains (with more to come), allowing developers to enable smooth interoperability IPC subnets with multiple ecosystems. This interoperability supports the creation of custom tokens and economic models.
  • Scalability Meets Security: IPC’s interconnected network design lets blockchains leverage their parent chain’s security. 
  • Pedigree of Innovation: IPC comes from the builders at Protocol Labs, including the founding members of key projects like Filecoin and IPFS, which power much of the global web3 ecosystem. Built for builders of compute, DePin, and high-volume networks to scale quickly.


IPC enables a whole new universe of use cases for massive decentralized networks:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Leveraging Filecoin, the world’s largest decentralized data storage network, to power hundreds of innovative AI models with custom compute modules & access to decentralized GPU power. For example, Lilypad will leverage IPC to coordinate AI inference jobs executed off chain by the decentralized Lilypad network.
  • Compute & Data Science: Deep tech teams are creating global-scale distributed compute networks to enable Data Science analysis on exabytes of decentralized stored data. Use IPC to bring compute to the largest decentralized data storage network. For example, Fluence has chosen IPC to build their decentralized computational infrastructure. 
  • Decentralized Data Storage and Processing: Because of tight integration with Filecoin, IPC provides the perfect platform to build applications that interact with the largest decentralized data storage network. Lighthouse will provide its data onboarding network to IPC subnets to increase capacity and efficiency for the Filecoin ecosystem. Filecoin Station will use IPC to coordinate millions of jobs to enable data retrievability across the Filecoin network. Tableland/Textile is prototyping a hot data storage network using IPC subnets. 
  • Decentralized Finance: IPC will enable developers to deploy scalable high-frequency trading and scalable subnet backends with verifiability and privacy, to power the next generation of onchain trading and settlement engines. 
  • Metaverse/Gaming: Enabling truly decentralized MMO multiverses with in-game and cross-game economies. Real-time tracking of millions of player interactions in persistent virtual worlds. 

Founding Story & Roadmap

IPC helps Filecoin and Protocol Labs’ advance its mission for an open, verifiable data economy. A key goal has been breaking through the consensus barriers to equip web3 with the efficiency and throughput of web2. The Protocol Labs Network strives to bring the web3 vision to life by shattering the consensus bottleneck and achieving web-scale capabilities with high bandwidth utilization and throughput. 

Our roadmap visualizes a future where trillions of transactions are processed seamlessly, equipping web2-caliber apps with web3’s decentralized benefits. InterPlanetary Consensus is pivotal in this journey, strengthening Filecoin’s leadership in decentralized storage and computation.

We’re on track to evolve IPC into a fully modular blockchain ecosystem with upcoming features. In 2024, we’ll broaden our horizons, fostering interoperability with leading blockchain networks. Anticipate the M3 update, introducing advancements like embedded libraries, and more in the near future.


InterPlanetary Consensus is reshaping web3 by tackling its core limitations and empowering decentralized applications with unmatched scalability and performance. This leap forward sets the stage for a new era where decentralized solutions can match and surpass centralized incumbents. As IPC progresses, it brings the thousands of founders and builders closer to the full promise of a decentralized web.

To learn more about IPC, visit the official IPC website, check out the docs, or get started for yourself. If you’re heading to Istanbul for DevConnect Istanbul or LabWeek23, stop by the IPC event “Breakthrough Scaling with InterPlanetary Consensus” on November 16th to hear from the IPC builders - Register Now!

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