Announcing Filecoin-Polygon Bridge and Free Storage for Developers

This kicks off with the recently-created Filecoin-Polygon Bridge by the Textile team. To further encourage developers to try out and build on the bridge, Polygon is offering free storage costs for any projects using the Textile bridge. Both projects have also lined up two upcoming joint hackathons where developers can try their hands at the bridge and try building new applications.

Filecoin-Polygon Storage Bridge and the Vision of Web3 Interoperability

Textile’s release offers a fully functional storage bridge that allows developers to easily store data from any Polygon address without any new signups, secrets, or API keys — a first for the network. The bridge enables a simple, permissionless storage endpoint for developers and their Polygon application users. Currently it is operational on the Polygon mainnet and Mumbai testnet. In addition, Textile has a roadmap to gradually increase the usability of the bridge, and eventually, to decentralize governance of the bridge.

This is just the beginning.

Interoperability will enable a whole host of new Web3 applications, by allowing developers to combine capabilities from different blockchains to meet their particular needs. On the first level, Filecoin will bring greater functionality to Polygon applications that require decentralized and verifiable storage. This may be especially relevant to the 170+ and growing NFT and gaming projects building on Polygon. Eventually, new applications will emerge from the collective communities, driving towards new kinds of product-market fit in the decentralized world. Both Polygon and Filecoin are only just beginning to explore the possibilities of their respective protocols. Filecoin is more than just storage and Polygon is rapidly developing new functionalities..

Next Steps: Try out the Bridge and join us at the upcoming joint hackathons

Starting today, you can use the Polygon bridge on Mumbai and Mainnet.

To get started on the bridge deployment on Polygon, simply visit the instructions and documentation at: (All storage costs using the bridge are free!)

Stay tuned for more details of the Filecoin and Polygon collaboration, as well as joint Polygon x Filecoin challenges at hackathons!

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