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Announcing Filecoin Storage Provider Mentorship Grants (FSPM)


The success of Storage Providers is vitally important to the Filecoin network. However, becoming an SP requires thorough research and knowledge that can sometimes be difficult to uncover, especially if one is not sure where to start. Thankfully, there are many ways to set up a sustainable operation utilizing the right design and partners. Ultimately, the Filecoin community wants to make it as seamless as possible for SPs to onboard to the Network.

On April 18th, Filecoin will be launching the Filecoin Storage Provider Mentorship Grants (FSPM), a program where qualified grantees can receive subsidized expert SP operator consulting. This is the perfect opportunity for those interested in becoming an SP or nascent SPs looking to scale their current operations. We are also excited to announce as part of the FSPM kick-off, for a limited time only, 10 qualified applicants will receive 10 hours of fully subsidized consulting services (valued at $4,000 USD).

Throughout the program, grantees will have access to in-person consulting and technical support that will guide them through the fundamentals of becoming an effective SP. The consultant will also walk the grantee through the economics of the Filecoin network and non-chain considerations to build towards an optimal model. Hardware configurations and other technical considerations can also be covered to ensure the grantee is efficiently setting up operations. While end-goals will vary based on prior knowledge and expertise, grantees should leave the program with answers to their most fundamental technical and business development questions.

This is the right time to begin your journey towards becoming a viable and profitable Filecoin SP. Apply now for a chance to become a grantee! If you would like to learn more about the program, please visit the FSPM GitHub. Applications from all backgrounds and regions are welcome, and qualified applicants will have a one-hour follow-up interview with our consultants to determine whether this program is the right fit.

Be sure to also visit our brand new SP landing page to learn more about other resources and tools to help get you started on your journey. Lastly, be sure to check-out more of our resources to discover an overview of the SP ecosystem, the economics of being an SP, and why one should consider becoming an SP.

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