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Block Dream Fund launches $10m fund to support the Filecoin Ecosystem

OKEx’s newly founded Block Dream Fund has announced a collaboration with the Filecoin Network. Block Dream Fund will provide $10 million of dedicated capital and resources to support high-quality ecosystem projects from programs like Filecoin Slingshot, the Filecoin Launchpad Accelerator (led by Tachyon), the Filecoin Frontier Accelerator (led by Longhash Ventures), and more.

“We predict that the distributed storage market will explode in the coming years and want to invest our resources in companies building on Filecoin,” said Dora, the Founder of Block Dream Fund. “We expect several unicorn startups to emerge from the Filecoin ecosystem.”

Block Dream Fund’s Filecoin ecosystem incubation support includes:

1. Business development with OKEx’s expert entrepreneurial guidance, helping entrepreneurs establish meaningful strategic partnerships and connections with potential customers, investors, purchasers, and business consultants.

2. Connections to OKEx’s key global resources. In regions such as China, Silicon Valley, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia, where OKEx maintains a global resource network with local media and KOLs.

3. Trading platform support. Projects will have free access to the products and services of OKEx exchange.

“Thousands of developers and hundreds of projects are joining the Filecoin ecosystem through hackathons, meetups, accelerators, grants programs, and other events organized by the community,” said Colin Evran, Ecosystem Lead for the Filecoin Project. “These entrepreneurs and developers are generating innovative new use cases and business models on IPFS & Filecoin that could accelerate the adoption of Web3. OKEx’s Block Dream Fund is well-positioned to arm these projects with the mentorship and growth capital they need to succeed.”

Filecoin is an open-source cloud storage marketplace, protocol, and incentive layer.