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Building Worlds, not Walls, with Mona

The metaverse is an exciting part of the emerging Web3 world. However, nearly every week there’s another article about the “sad” and “bland” metaverse experiences rolled out by tech giants and big companies. From low-res “Meta offices” to early-90s-computer-game ‘bank lounges,’ this version of the metaverse is less than inspiring.

Mona is a metaverse world-building platform that is changing that. Built for creators by creators, it offers incredible resolution and unparalleled performance for truly visionary Web3 experiences. More than 3,000 creators are already using the platform to design and mint online spaces, launch immersive exhibitions, host electrifying concerts, and more.

Users on Ethereum or Polygon (with Solana and Algorand coming soon) now have access to the first and only metaverse platform that empowers creators to mint and sell their worlds as NFTs to monetize their work. Mona’s mission is to create a metaverse that belongs to everyone, which is why anyone can create and sell in the Monaverse directly from their web browser. There are no land purchases required, no downloads, and no limits.

Filecoin’s Role in the Monaverse

All the data and 3D content for each Mona world are stored on Filecoin and IPFS via the NFT.Storage tool. The Mona team chose IPFS because they believe strongly that the metaverse must be open and decentralized in order to succeed. They also wanted to preserve the incredible virtual worlds built on the Mona platform for years to come, ensuring the creators that their work on Mona is never lost.

“Filecoin, IPFS, and NFT.Storage are, by far, the best decentralized solutions for storing and retrieving large file sizes,” said Mona Co-founder and CEO Justin Melillo. “The AAA gaming-quality 3D Mona worlds contain large design files – that’s what makes them so engaging. Thanks to IPFS, we can offer this high-resolution experience while maintaining good performance.”

What’s Next for Mona

Mona is currently a pre-Series A startup based in the United States working on an ambitious and exciting roadmap that includes:

  • More tools for Mona world creators to increase interactivity and immersive experiences in their spaces
  • Integrations for Mona worlds to be used and viewed through AR/VR hardware
  • Integration with more custom avatar systems
  • Enabling user-generated content and avatars
  • More creator royalty features
  • An open source codebase to welcome a vibrant community of developers to build with us

To help Mona build a more open and equitable metaverse, here’s how you can get involved:

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