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Dapper Labs Integrates Filecoin to Propel the Future of the NFT and Gaming Metaverse on Flow Blockchain

Dapper Labs is integrating Filecoin to spearhead the end-to-end ownership of NFTs, including the underlying media assets, and to establish best practices for the storage of NFT data.

Dapper Labs, the team behind CryptoKitties, Dapper Wallet, and the highly successful NBA Top Shot has built a formidable ecosystem in the NFT and gaming space. Flow blockchain was conceived by the team and designed for extensive scaling without the use of sharding techniques, to preserve the full power of composability, providing fast and low-cost transactions that lend themselves well for dapps aiming to target the larger mainstream audience, starting with the entertainment world such as music, sports, gaming, art, fashion and more.

The intersection of Filecoin and Flow creates greater decentralisation and asset integrity

NFT creators building on the Flow blockchain can create immutable NFT metadata with rich media (including videos), using IPFS content addressing and provable and decentralized storage with Filecoin. NFT.Storage, backed by Protocol Labs and Pinata, makes it easy to protect NFT assets and associated metadata, ensuring that all NFTs follow best practices to stay accessible long-term.

A Flow developer has written a great tutorial on how to get started minting Flow NFTs with metadata hosted on IPFS and Filecoin.

Spotlight on
An example of a project on Flow using IPFS and Filecoin has been using IPFS to create immutable links between their minted video NFTs and the associated metadata, and is in the process of backing up their content to Filecoin.

  • IPFS allows content to be referenced based on a fingerprint of the content itself. By embedding this reference inside the metadata of an NFT on-chain, an immutable link can be made between a token on the Flow blockchain and the video NFT itself.
  • Using NFT.Storage, the content can be pinned via IPFS and stored across a distributed network of storage providers on Filecoin. Storage providers on Filecoin submit cryptographic proofs to show that content is still intact and being made available.

In their first 3 months, the Eternal team has minted and sold more than 60,000 moments for more than 20 top creators on Twitch.

About is a platform enabling streamers and esports players to monetize their epic livestream moments. Community members can purchase packs of moments, and trade moments with other fans to help both energize the fan experience, and strengthen the relationship between creators and their fans. Eternal elected to launch on the Flow blockchain due to its low gas costs and high throughput._

To jumpstart the collaboration, there will be grants available for the Flow ecosystem, starting with the Next Step Microgrant Program.

Next Step Grants of $5,000 each to eligible Flow projects integrating IPFS/Filecoin solutions

Any project actively integrating with IPFS, Filecoin, or related services like Pinata or NFT.Storage can qualify for the grant, subject to five simple criteria. Review the grant criteria and apply here! Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so early submissions are encouraged.

Grant-funded projects will also have the opportunity to join future acceleration programs, promote ideas to the broader community of both Filecoin and Flow ecosystem, and connect to technical, product, and other potential resources of support from Filecoin ecosystem.

In addition, stay tuned for information about a Filecoin x Flow hackathon related to this exciting collaboration!

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