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Decrypt Collaborates with Filecoin for its Inaugural Token Season

Today, we’re excited to announce the first Decrypt token season launching in collaboration with Filecoin.

Decrypt token users earn the token when they read articles, share them with friends, and interact in other ways with the media platform. The Decrypt token will be airdropped to users’ mobile wallets and can be redeemed for Web3 assets. One of the core ideas of Decrypt is to use the Web 3.0 technologies that they cover.

“We’ve been working with the Filecoin community for more than six months collaborating on everything from producing events, organising roundtables, and helping draw attention to the phenomenal work they have put into the emerging decentralized data storage ecosystem. Working with them on the launch of our token was the next logical step,” says Josh Quittner, CEO and co-founder of Decrypt.

The Decrypt token will be released in token seasons, each of which will be sponsored by a different project within the Web3 ecosystem and beyond. Each season provides an opportunity for Decrypt’s 4 million viewers to learn something new about the way the decentralized web works. For this first season, Decrypt is collaborating with Filecoin to drive forward a new paradigm for Web3 education and community relationships.

Decrypt tokens will be distributed to users of the Decrypt mobile app (available on iOS and Android) when they engage with and share content. For this first season, Decrypt has partnered with NFT artists across the Web3 ecosystem. The theme for these digital artworks is decentralization, and each artist has interpreted the theme differently to help showcase the size and scale of the topic, aligned with the values of both Decrypt and Filecoin. Decrypt token holders will be able to swap their accrued tokens for NFTs from this limited edition.

Learn more about the Decrypt token

Visit the Decrypt token FAQ to learn more about the Filecoin season, including how to set up your wallet and get started on the Decrypt mobile app.

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