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ESPA Bootcamp: Innovation in Storage

Storage technology has evolved rapidly over the past 30 years, at a rate that even industry veterans did not expect. Seagate Systems Engineering Manager Lance Blumberg recalls a time when even storage hardware industry leaders didn’t foresee thinking in terms of zettabytes. Besides traditional storage needs, this tremendous growth is due to the advent of mass capacity and mass infrastructure storage.

However, much of this data is archived or simply lost by enterprises. Alternatives to cloud storage are becoming more commonplace and features like content-persistence offered by the Filecoin network are becoming more appealing.

As decentralized storage continues to become a viable option for these storage needs, Seagate has started offering Storage Providers an array of building blocks that allow them to set up the appropriate hardware configurations. The company currently offers a diverse suite of products in the form of storage devices, enclosure platforms, and controller modules. These have been optimized in terms of capacity, density, performance, and cost per terabyte to meet the needs of SPs.

At the ESPA Bootcamp, Lance presented the EXOS Corvault and E 4U106 as ideal solutions for SPs looking for cost-effective building blocks for their operations. The 18TB/20TB HDDs feature Filecoin-specific optimizations such as:

  • Drive performance maximization.
  • Easy scalability.
  • Simple setup.
  • No software vendor lock-in.

For more detailed information on how Seagate’s solutions can help you set up an effective hardware configuration for providing storage on Filecoin be sure to watch a full recording of Lance’s presentation.

Filecoin is an open-source cloud storage marketplace, protocol, and incentive layer.