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ESPA Bootcamp: Supermicro's Solutions for the Filecoin Ecosystem

The Enterprise Storage Provider Accelerator program is designed to help startups, data centers, managed service providers, and CTOs become successful members of the Filecoin network. Let’s take a look at some of the modules that have been shared during the bootcamp.

Supermicro started developing application-optimized server building blocks in 1993 and has evolved into a global provider of fully-integrated rack solutions. Now, the company has taken on the task of facilitating the transition from Web 2.0 to Web3 with solutions that acknowledge the hardware needs of decentralized protocols.


The building blocks of Web3 infrastructure need to be appropriate in size. To this end, Supermicro offers key products for Storage Providers (SPs) to choose from:

  • Compute: Single or multi-socket and single or multi-node servers.
  • Storage: Directed attached hybrid, all flash performance, and capacity storage.
  • Accelerated platforms: GPU servers for HPC, AI/ML, visualization, blockchain workloads.
  • Edge devices: Telco, networking, and 5G Edge workloads.

These hardware products are optimized for enterprise-grade storage on the Filecoin network. They take into account factors that range from raw performance requirements and cost-effectiveness to environmental impact. More so, Supermicro has worked with the Filecoin community and ESPA to develop solutions that are tailored to each phase of the Sealing process.

What’s Next

Aside from its continued collaboration with ESPA and the Filecoin community, Supermicro plans to continue serving the Filecoin SP community with solutions that are easier to adopt at an enterprise level. It will optimize for the latest CPUs and GPUs and expand its product suite to support the latest Web3 workloads.

For more detailed information on how Supermicro’s solutions can help you set up an effective hardware configuration for providing storage on Filecoin be sure to watch a full recording of SVP Vik Malyala’s talk at the ESPA bootcamp.

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