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FIL Dev Iceland Track Recap: From Click to PiB, Scaling Enterprise Data

Ecosystem members leading the growth in enterprise data onboarding to Filecoin shared the opportunities and challenges they’re experiencing in the field, and attendees collectively brainstormed solutions and next steps. Community members from Banyan, Seal Storage, Internet Archive, Storj, SteelDome, and Protocol Labs covered topics across enterprise requirements, approaches to durability and availability, evolutions in data onboarding workflows, and new multi-protocol customer experiences for interacting with Filecoin. It was a highly engaging and productive few days in Iceland.


From Click to PiB: Scaling Enterprise Data brought together teams bringing Filecoin to enterprise customers to share learnings, opportunities, challenges and insights in scaling enterprise data on Filecoin. With deep industry experience and first-hand customer feedback from the field, sessions covered topics across the product stack. Sessions addressed the need for and potential solutions for data deletion on Filecoin. Other speakers addressed their journey in data preparation and deal-making, and the impact tools like Singularity and Spade have had on data-onboarding velocity.

Seal Storage spoke about the importance of durability and availability in data storage, common approaches in traditional cloud storage platforms, and potential solutions in Filecoin. Community members discussed their challenges using Fil+ for enterprise deals, and brainstormed potential solutions to help accelerate enterprise data onboarding. They discussed the importance of an S3-like interface to clients, and the rich app ecosystem that can seamlessly interoperate with any S3-compatible storage target. Last but not least the attendees explored interoperability platforms to seamlessly move data between storage targets with different protocol support, for example SMB, NAS, and Filecoin.


The sessions resulted in several key learnings and next steps:

  1. SteelDome and Seal see opportunities to accelerate enterprise adoption by addressing ransomware protection and legal hold use cases. Both will follow up and validate these use cases and product requirements with customers.
  2. Banyan shared that current DataCap allocation channels present challenges to enterprises who do not want to disclose any data to notaries. They will follow up with the Fil+ team to pursue a new allocator for credentialed data aggregators.
  3. Seal shared that discoverability and compliance of storage providers is a hurdle to enterprise growth and Fil+ adoption (e.g. SOC2, ISO27001).1 The team will be following up on an enterprise SP credentialing program through the DSA.
  4. Supporting access controls (users, groups, collections, policies) is key to landing enterprise adoption at scale, and yet current solutions are closed and proprietary. The Protocol Labs team will explore supporting role-based-access-controls in Boost.
  5. Cryptographic verifiability is a key selling point of Filecoin, but it’s not easy to read WindowPoSt events from the chain. The Protocol Labs data onboarding team will assess the feasibility of a service to read WindowPoSt events from SPs.


All in all From Click to PiB: Scaling Enterprise Data was a dense, productive, and actionable track of sessions from diverse contributors across the ecosystem. Attendees described the track as having honest discussions with actionable next steps. The most commonly used word to describe the track was “momentum.” Now let’s keep it up!

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