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Filecoin Becomes Official Storage Collaborator for Flow Blockchain

Filecoin is now the official storage collaborator of Flow blockchain, empowering platforms, developers and users alike as the Flow metaverse becomes more open, robust, and decentralized. This integration of technologies will accelerate end-to-end ownership of NFTs, along with the media assets associated with them, establishing decentralized storage of data on Flow.

This announcement follows news that Dapper Labs, creators of Flow, are collaborating with Filecoin on propelling the future of NFTs and gaming. This will allow creators to create immutable NFT metadata, including video and visual assets, by leveraging IPFS content addressing along with Filecoin’s provable and decentralized storage.

Already, platforms on Flow like Eternal, Starly, and Versus are using this integration with Filecoin to ensure their NFTs are securely available everywhere. As the Flow ecosystem grows, Filecoin’s decentralized storage solution will allow future applications that are built on Flow to have an easy way to protect NFT media assets and metadata.

The collaboration also opens up the strength and diversity of the Filecoin ecosystem to Flow projects. As a first step, Filecoin has made Next Step Grants available to each eligible Flow project that is integrating with IPFS, Filecoin, or services like NFT.Storage, Web3.Storage or Pinata. Projects that meet the criteria will be reviewed on a rolling basis. There are also larger development grants available, joint hackathons, accelerator programs, and opportunities to leverage resources and support from Filecoin’s ecosystem.

To learn more about Flow, you can view their introductory primer, or browse through their full suite of developer documentation. Want to learn how to create an NFT with Flow and NFT.Storage? Check out this guide to get started.

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