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Filecoin Dev Grants - Wave 3 New RFPs, Wave 1 & 2

The goal of the Filecoin Dev Grant program is to spark new projects and invite collaborators to explore technical experiments and tools that will benefit and widen our early ecosystem.

Wave 3 New RFPs

The Wave 3 deadline for Filecoin Dev Grants has been extended to April 15th at 23:59 PDT. This is the final wave with a few months to build something before Filecoin’s mainnet launch. A wide range of new RFP ideas have been published here and we hope this sparks more ideas and discussion of what could be built.

We seek proposals to develop new tools, applications and proof-of-concepts that can improve the usefulness of Filecoin and cultivate understanding around the potential of the protocol.

Technical teams, socio-technical researchers and community members who are interested in learning how Filecoin works and building something interesting are encouraged to apply.

We’re also seeking to engage miners who’d like to help us test mining at PB scale. For more information see this miner testing RFP.

Wave 1 Project Highlights

We’re excited to see Wave 1 Dev Grant projects such as the block explorer live and ready to test. These are open source projects available in the filecoin-shipyard of community repos. Kudos to these early community members for building fantastic projects!

Wave 2 Projects

We appreciate all Wave 2 dev grant proposals and hope to continue seeing enthusiastic technical teams apply. We received 17 proposals and selected the following projects:

  • Reputation System
  • Filecoin-backed NFT Snapshot Bot
  • File Uploader & Reader
  • Mobile Wallet in Flutter (supporting)
  • Weighted BLS paper submission (supporting)
  • block explorer (supporting)

These projects will eventually be open sourced and shared with the community in the filecoin-shipyard on GitHub.

Thank you to all the grant applicants who participated in Wave 2! We hope to see more great submissions for the upcoming Wave 3.

Filecoin is an open-source cloud storage marketplace, protocol, and incentive layer.