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The Filecoin Launchpad Accelerator powered by Tachyon hosted a Demo Day to showcase 13 startups building more interoperable, open, and programmable tools, applications, and infrastructure for the decentralized web. 13 teams from 11 countries participated in an immersive twelve-week program bridging the IPFS, Filecoin and Ethereum communities. This post profiles the startups launched in the “Social” category: Huddle, Voodfy, MintGate, and _dLabs.


Make video conferences engaging for online classrooms with Huddle 01. Talk better. Listen better. Work better.

What is Huddle?

Huddle is the world’s first video conferencing solution built using Web3 and blockchain technology. Huddle 01 is carefully engineered to avoid video & audio lags, loading time, and breaking voices. We’ve got you covered!

What does Huddle do?

Social interactions among humans are complex. They differ widely between various environmental settings like classrooms, offices, events or concerts. Hence, making video conferencing products specifically catered towards each of them is essential for a good online experience.

Huddle 01 wants to address this problem for the education industry. We need a video conferencing solution that gives a holistic classroom experience. Educators need certain tools to seamlessly deliver class in remote settings, and students need features that can keep the class interactive, collaborative, and learning fun.

Huddle 01 solves for:

  • Missing Classroom Experience — Current solutions do not have features like attendance tracker, rewards for students, collaborative note making and more. Huddle 01 is coming up with such features to make the classes engaging.
  • Sub-par Video/Audio Quality — In large classes choppiness & lag in video and audio is observed far too often. This leads to a bad learning experience. Huddle 01 is built on decentralized technology which solves this problem.
  • High Storage Costings — Educators generally have to record all the sessions they take. The size of these recordings go in Terabytes (TBs) and storing those on Amazon S3 becomes extremely expensive and unsustainable. Huddle 01 instead uses Filecoin for storage which is ~5X cheaper than S3.

How can I learn more about Huddle?

Learn more, contact the team, and try the demo at


A decentralized video platform for creators to host and monetize content their own way. Easily upload, manage, and stream your video content securely.

What is Voodfy?

Voodfy is a powerful and private decentralized video hosting platform. We’re building decentralized tools for private video hosting. It’s an all-in-one secure streaming solution that gives users control of their content. Using our Video CMS or integrating our APIs it’s possible to reach your audience on all devices and monetize your video content in a safe, reliable, and more affordable way.

What does Voodfy do?

Currently, people and companies with rich experience use online videos as a strategy to share their knowledge, wanting to monetize them without having a lot of effort with complex video infrastructure and without having revenues hurt by piracy. Voodfy uses Filecoin to be our cold layer storage instead of Google Cloud storage or S3, with Powergate becoming easy to handle.

The Voodfy team is working hard to move our infrastructure from Beta to Release. Additionally, we will offer our users an option to have customizable and secure video portals with live streaming (partnership with Livepeer) with an auto-archive option to VOD (stored in IPFS/Filecoin).

How can I learn more about Voodfy?

Visit the website, test out the beta, read the blog, and follow on Twitter.


MintGate turns any online content into exclusive rewards.

What is MintGate?

Token gating refers to setting up a wall in front of your web content using your own cryptocurrency and requiring fans to own a “piece of you” (your cryptocurrency) to access your exclusive digital experiences.

Creators and communities can create a token using the MintGate platform. They reward these tokens to their fans for engagement via their Twitter account. Then, they can set up gates or walls on any Web2 content that requires fans to hold a certain amount of these tokens to access. The top fans with the specified amount of tokens can unlock these new digital experiences.

What does MintGate do?

Creators struggle for attention and monetization on today’s siloed social channels. A social token helps keep fans in a creator’s metaverse and cuts out middlemen in content monetization.

Through MintGate, a creator can create a social token or unique asset that their fans can buy and keep anywhere. Creators can then host their content on Filecoin, away from Web2 platforms that threaten to take their content down, demonetize them, etc., and still allow their fans to connect and pay them for their work.

MintGate currently allows token gating via ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155, and tokens on xDai, Matic, and Fuse blockchains.

They allow added token community pages that list token protected links and how many tokens are needed to access them by Gate token. You can view a specific token profile page by going to (e.g.$GATE).

How can I learn more about MintGate?

You can get started and create your own token by going to

Recently, we announced our partnership with Matic Network, received a feature on CoinDesk as a solution for premium content access for the UniWhales community, and announced our plugin partnership with Tachyon to digitize estate plans.

Underscored Labs (_dLabs)

A plug and play SDK for crypto games.

What is _dLabs?

Underscored Labs bridges the creative ecosystem of games, VR and AR with the decentralized world of cryptocurrency. We handle the complexities so you don’t have to.

What does _dLabs do?

The problem with developing Web3 games today is the lack of tools needed to build crypto games. The bridge between gaming engines like Unity and blockchain protocols does not exist. Developers today are mixing together stacks to create novel yet patchwork crypto games. _dLabs has built an SDK that completes the tech stack and connects any game to the Web3 ecosystem. Out of the box, the SDK supports ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155 - as well as any additional custom contracts like leaderboards. _dLabs lets anyone connect any game to the crypto ecosystem by providing a complete tech stack for game developers.

How can I learn more about _dLabs?

Learn more, join the community, and request early access at the _dLabs website.

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