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Filecoin Launchpad Accelerator II: DeFi

Filecoin Launchpad Accelerator II: DeFi

On September 28th, 20 teams took part in a demo day hosted by the Filecoin Launchpad Accelerator, run by Tachyon. This accelerator is a 6-week course dedicated to incubating young Web3 companies. Below is an overview of the DeFi projects that emerged from the accelerator and presented during Demo Day. The entire Demo Day is available here.

Hedgey Finance

Hedgey Finance is a protocol for adding options markets to any token.

What is Hedgey Finance?

Hedgey Finance offers options contracts to all markets. Options are sellable agreements that give the holder a right to buy or sell a good (tokens in this case) at a particular price. Some options expire and so are limited to a specific window of time. Options open the potential for a lot more fluid market movement.

What problem does Hedgey Finance solve?

Offering DeFi options: The DeFi space is investment-rich but cash-poor. It’s a crisis in protocol treasury management. Options allow traders to take a long-term trading position without needing the leverage to do so through options.

Conditional agreements for any token: If a person wants to invest in a token, they can set the price they will automatically buy or sell a particular token at. Hedgey Finance is building the infrastructure for over nine thousand tokens.

Hedgey’s dashboard makes it easy to see the available put and calls (options) on any market. The dashboard also offers a handy way to manage a trading portfolio. So far, no one else in the world has provided options trading for crypto assets, so this is a revolutionary step towards adding leverage for crypto traders. It’s a uniquely scalable product, creating an options framework for the DeFi space. Hedgey Finance acts as both a treasury management infrastructure and an options trading platform.

Lean more about Hedgey Finance

Discover more about Hedgey Finance and learn about what they do and their offerings here:

Tamago Finance

A DeFi protocol that makes synthetic tokens for widespread distribution on Asian real-world markets.

What is Tamago Finance?

Tamago Finance seeks to make the Asian market more accessible through its protocol. Asia provides a ready market for synthetic tokens, predominantly since the US has expressed concerns about trading them. Tamago Finance seeks to offer this synthetic token to Asian markets to allow them easier trading and more options for assets through the token.

What problem does Tamago Finance solve?

Flexible Trading for the Asian Market: Tamago finance is a method of allowing Asian markets to trade seamlessly with one another through the use of this synthetic token.

Added stability for synthetic tokens: Tamago Finance adopts a hybrid token model to adapt to both bull and bear markets. They achieve this through a combination of stablecoins and their native tokens.

Tamago Finance is a unique take on offering traders worldwide the chance to participate in emerging markets. Using their tokens as investment capital, anyone could get access to such burgeoning markets as Singapore and Indonesia without having to register trading accounts there. Conversely, companies there can benefit from investment from the West without setting up their own businesses on exchanges there.


SmartFunds is a simple, automated, and compliant fund-management tool.

What is SmartFunds?

Fund startups typically have massive barriers to entry, such as capital requirements or narrow investment strategies. SmartFunds seeks to help funds overcome these barriers. Hedge funds usually spend $3 billion on administration. SmartFunds simplifies this process and reduces the cost significantly by applying a smart contract.

What Problem does SmartFunds solve?

Enormous startup and administrative costs for hedge funding: With no administration feeds necessary, thanks to the automated processing of the smart contract, the prices of startup administration are significantly lower.

Complex procedure: SmartFunds can have a hedge fund up and running in a matter of minutes.

Transparency and accountability: No human is involved in managing these funds, so there’s no chance of fraud from human elements. The blockchain allows for a transparent investigation of the fund’s progress and holdings.

SmartFunds registered the first compliant US hedge fund that doesn’t have a human administrator but relies on smart contracts to perform its actions. Yield Farming Fund ($YFF) remains the only US hedge fund that doesn’t have a human administrator and has no bank account for its own interests.

Learn more about SmartFunds

If you’re interested in what SmartFunds is doing and want to get some more information, you can find them here:

Clam Island

Gamification of investments using Blockchain, NFTs, and Yield Farming.

What is Clam Island?

Using gamification, Clam Island hopes to make investing fun, easy and enjoyable for people. Most people hate investing because it’s tedious and complicated. Only people who are really fascinated by finances become investors. Gaming has the opposite problem - it’s fun and addictive, but it wastes time and doesn’t earn much money. Clam Island combines both things to create an immersive 3D game that leverages the blockchain for stability and NFTs for sustainability.

What problem does Clam Island solve?

Lack of interest: Investment can be a complex subject to explain to someone, but games are easy and intuitive. Clam Island hopes to make investment as easy and intuitive as gaming is.

Blockchain gaming market expansion: Investment into the platform creates a financial ecosystem that encourages exploration and play but also earns players money through their gaming.

Clam Island is a unique approach to gaming that incorporates NFTs and tries to make investment more approachable. There are several other blockchain-based games in the works, but Clam Island’s value proposition rests with creating a sustainable financial ecosystem that’s fully immersive for the player.


Boto is an online no-code platform that allows users to build bots to automate online tasks.

What is Boto?

Bot development is an involved process, but most non-specialists don’t know to code a bot. Boto offers a way for these non-specialists to create bots that can help them automate their online tasks. Instead of limiting the number of users that can access DeFi automation based on their level of coding skill, Boto democratizes the creation of automated bots.

What problem does Boto solve?

Complexity: Automation doesn’t need a person to know how to code a Solidity contract. Instead, they can use Boto to develop a put or a call bot that they can use to trade for them automatically.

Collaboration: Ideally, Boto would like to become a central repository for auto-trading bots that other users can make copies of to use on their own.

With the DeFi space opening up to non-specialists, it’s more necessary than ever to have tools to allow them to take advantage of the opportunities DeFi offers. Boto gives regular users a chance to experience automated trading and even develop their own logic in keeping with their personal strategies.

Learn more about Boto

If you’re someone who’d be interested in learning how to make automated bots, you can check out Boto here:

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