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Filecoin Launchpad Accelerator II: Gaming and the Metaverse

On September 28th, 20 teams took part in a demo day hosted by the Filecoin Launchpad Accelerator, run by Tachyon. This accelerator is a 6-week course dedicated to incubating young Web3 companies. Below is an overview of the Gaming, Social, and Metaverse projects that emerged from the accelerator and were presented during Demo Day. The entire Demo Day is available here.

A metaverse society for high-end 3D art display and appreciation.

The world is rapidly moving towards a reality where people spend more and more (possibly most) of our lives in virtual worlds rather than the physical one. These worlds depend on 3D artists, and more talent is pouring into Web3 as the metaverse takes shape. However, today’s Web3 infrastructure can often force 3D artists to compromise on the quality of their work to fit the current bandwidth of decentralized technologies. The MoNA Gallery believes artists shouldn’t need to compromise, and is building a solution to help.

High-quality art display: There’s no need to reduce 3D models into 2D images or lower the quality of 3D art to fit the current bandwidth of dapps. Art can be experienced the way the artist intended it to be.

A shared art museum space: With so many new NFT artists entering the space, there exists a need for a space like this for artists to show off their art. The MoNA Gallery provides a metaverse-specific space for artists to develop new drops, host gallery viewings, and even link to other galleries.

Artists can access the value of their NFT through sales, but MoNA helps creators monetize their NFTs differently through viewing and appreciation of the art. The MoNA Gallery’s vision is about giving these NFT artists a space to have users fully experience what their craft has to offer. The metaverse is a social experience, and The MoNA Gallery is bringing NFTs to the mainstream while keeping that social interaction alive.

If you’re interested in what The MoNA Gallery is doing, learn more here.


A space for NFT holders and creators to meet and discuss the history of their collections.

What is Huddln?

NFTs get noticed because of a combination of content and distribution, which most creators and collectors might recognize colloquially as “hype.” Creators spend a lot of time developing this hype. Why not create a space where they can get in touch with buyers directly to build that hype? Huddln is a method for allowing NFT creators to connect to their audience and share the story of their NFT creations.

What problem does Huddln solve?

Making NFTs social: Because Huddln registers all posts a user makes to their account, a user can potentially create an NFT and have it travel with them wherever they go on the metaverse.

Approachable and straightforward: Huddln’s app is designed to be user-friendly, with users able to do anything that they could do on any other social platform. Users don’t even need to understand blockchain technology or NFTs to get started, making it much easier for regular users.

Social media is a powerful tool, and in the metaverse, social media might become one of the most ubiquitous methods of communication. Huddln offers users a way to interact with each other that sets the stage for other projects. It’s the most approachable social media tool in the decentralized web currently, making it one of the best ways to onboard new users.

Learn More About Huddln

Enjoying what Huddln is trying to do? You can check out their project in detail here.

Inflow Music

The first social platform to allow artists to monetize their community directly, and reward fans with tokens generated from the platform.

What is Inflow Music?

Most artists who have interacted with the music industry know how broken the current distribution models can be. Value from music often ends up captured by intermediaries, with artists getting rewarded far less than they should be. Inflow Music aims to break this oligopoly by introducing social tokens that reward creators directly.

What problem does Inflow Music solve?

Relationships and value combined: The current music distribution model can be improved by linking artists and fans together and using tokens to support that relationship. Fans get a closer connection to the artist, and the artist receives more direct monetary support and new forms of revenue creation.

Built on top of Web2: With so many existing Web2 applications for sharing music, the best way to bring in new users is through integrating the Web3 approach to Web2 distribution. Inflow Music allows artists to experience Web3 monetization while still capitalizing on Web2 distribution channels.

Today, fans who want to support their favorite artists struggle to do so, since most of the money they spend on artists can be captured by intermediaries that control the industry. Inflow Music gives artists a way to monetize their work that helps them directly. It also gives fans a way to access their favorite artists directly and pay for personalized content if they so desire.

Blockbets Corp

Helping gamers earn money instantly on every game, with technology built on blockchain.

What is Blockbets Corp?

Many games these days are designed with the gaming companies in mind, not the users. They have lots of good mechanics but don’t always offer the end-user a way to earn from their skills. Blockbets hopes to give users play-to-earn (P2E) potential for games that don’t necessarily offer it automatically ‘out of the box.’

What problem does Blockbets Corp solve?

Monetizing games: Instead of relying on a professional scene that only a few gamers can get into, Blockbets offers multiple ways for users to earn money through their skills. Wagers between teams or individuals, play-to-earn dynamics for several popular titles, and fair resolution of issues with automatic payments built in make for a convenient system for gamers.

Smart contracts power bets: The system is built with autonomy in mind, and smart contracts govern the payouts system, ensuring that winners get paid on time, every time.

Online gaming is home to many great players, but earning potential is limited to the few who are active in an official competitive scene. Blockbets brings that competitiveness and monetary rewards to all gamers without entering competitions.

Learn more about Blockbets Corp

Want to learn more about what Blockbets is doing for gaming? Dive in.


0xEssential offers users a platform to bring their own NFTs to play, compete, and win.

WhWhat is 0xEssential?

Web3 gamers today aren’t able to easily play between platforms. 0xEssential is building a platform where gamers’ NFTs can have functionality regardless of which platform they come from. 0xEssential is building a place where NFTs can offer an alternative revenue stream to their creators.

What problem does 0xEssential solve?

Increased NFT lifespan: The economic lifespan of most NFTs are limited to speculative buying and selling. If the market stagnates or drops, this one-dimensional “lifespan” of NFTs will be cut short. 0xEssential allows users to mint a derivative version of their NFT on the Polygon network. They can then use that derivative version to “battle” against other derivatives.

Actual Gameplay: The “battle” is a turn-based gameplay system much like the JRPG battle system that relies on statistics generated for an NFT once the derivative is minted.

0xEssential is presenting a playable game to users, with stats generated randomly at minting. NFTs can battle against a CPU-controlled opponent, but in the future, users can fight against others.

Learn more about 0xEssential

If you’re a fan of gaming, you’ll want to check out 0xEssential’s project page.

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