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Filecoin Launchpad Accelerator II: NFTs

On September 28th, 20 teams took part in a demo day hosted by the Filecoin Launchpad Accelerator, run by Tachyon. This accelerator is a 6-week course dedicated to incubating young Web3 companies. Below is an overview of the NFTs projects that emerged from the accelerator and presented during Demo Day. The entire Demo Day is available here.


Nftfy offers fractional ownership for the most valuable NFTs in the world.

What is Nftfy?

Nftfy offers “shares” in valuable NFT’s, allowing smaller stakeholders to have partial ownership of a lucrativeNFT that might be too expensive for any of them to own outright.

What problem does Nftfy solve?

Affordability: Regular investors can invest in ERC20 tokens related to a fraction of a complete NFT.

Fungibility: NFTs are usually sold as entire projects, but Nftfy allows owners to sell “shares” in an NFT, each with their own ERC20-backed token.

Decentralized Fractionalization: NFTs are no longer held by a single entity, but fractionalization is decentralized and distributed among fraction holders.

Nftfy offers a unique way to approach the buying and selling of NFT works. NFT fractions provide another method of exchanging value on the chain, with each portion of an NFT having its own weight as a subset of the whole. It’s easy to consider this in terms of a company, where each fractional component of an NFT is a share, which can be traded independently of the company itself. As a result, NFT fractions can “discover” their own price on the open market, embodying true free-market principles.

Learn more about Nftfy

Those who are interested in Nftfy can learn more about the project here.


Paras is a system for supporting and developing crypto-native intellectual properties.

What is Paras?

Paras is a comics company aiming to take ownership of digital comics to a higher level. Accessibility of physical comics is limited, but digital comics cannot be owned, simply accessed from anywhere in the world. Paras wants to offer accessibility AND ownership.

What problem does Paras solve?

Accessibility: Anyone anywhere in the world can access these digital comics, keeping with the theme of digital comic accessibility.

Ownership: unlike traditional digital comics, these comics are published with NFT technology, allowing complete ownership of the digital asset.

The NFT nature of Paras allows people who collect comics to have an actual digital asset that they can lend or sell as they see fit. There’s no maintenance cost, and as a digital product, there’s no need to worry about the comic getting damaged over time. Paras allows artists to sell complete comics or individual panels, with each buyer recorded on the chain. The project hopes to focus on both crypto-natives and comic collectors.

Learn more about Paras

If you’re interested in what Paras is doing, you can check out the project in detail here.


A premium NFT toolkit for creators interested in dynamic-data NFTs.

What is Fractio?

Fractio links real-world data into NFTs. It allows for NFTs to become so much more than just representative bits. By linking real-world data to an NFT, it turns the NFT into an evolving digital picture. Dynamic NFTs are what Fratio helps to create.

What problem does Fractio solve?

Data Dynamics: Dynamic data is constantly changing, and Fractio allows NFT creators to tap into dynamic data sets to build their creations.

Usability: Data sets are naturally hard to break down in an understandable format. Fractio helps by allowing creators to filter data sets based on what they want to represent.

Approachability: There is a lot of overhead in setting up dynamic data sets. Fractio helps to do a lot of that overhead so creators can focus on the presentation.

Dynamic NFTs are very likely going to be the next step in the technology’s evolution. At the moment, NFTs are static images or animated videos that can’t be changed once they’re minted. However, with dynamic NFTs, things become a lot different. Representations of particular objects could vary based on their real-world data. For example, baseball cards minted as NEFTs could be updated to reflect current data on the player, making them evergreen.

Nifty Royale

Nifty Royale is a prize distribution system that distributes NFTs through a no-loss pool system.

What does Nifty Royale Do?

NFTs are difficult for the everyman collector to get their hands on. Common and uncommon NFTs are easy enough to find, but rare NFTs are distributed by auction. These auctions have a high barrier of entry, making it impossible for average NFT collectors to get their hands on them. Nifty Royale is a gamified NFT platform to remove this barrier of entry.

What problem does Nifty Royale solve?

Managed Risk: The NFTs are distributed in a gamified fashion, and it’s a no-loss pool meaning that each contributor has a chance of getting the rare drop. Even if you don’t, you don’t lose anything since you still get an NFT out of it.

Lowered Price of Entry: Because everyone pays the same entry price, the rare NFTs don’t only go to the highest bidder with the most capital.

The “Royale” comes from the term “battle royale,” a system where the last player standing wins. Eliminations are done through a verifiable randomized system, ensuring that every step is transparent to all participants.

Learn more about Nifty Royale

Want to find out about Nifty Royale? Their project page is the best place to go for more information.


A create-to-earn platform centered around digital artists.

What is Chestr?

The creative economy has exploded thanks to NFTs. Emergent creators are drowned out, unfortunately. Chestr hopes to give these artists a way to wrangle the decentralized economy a bit better. Instead of being overshadowed by other creators, emergent artists can find their place in the decentralized economy and earn from their work.

What problem does Chestr solve?

Accessibility: Smaller creators can finally get the exposure they need through Chestr’s loot box system, allowing fans to appreciate new, fresh art from little-known creators.

Engagement: Both creators and the community feel engaged, allowing artists to see a tangible profit for their work and the collectors to feel like they have something unique.

Chestr tries to bring the massive economic power of the decentralized economy to creators that need it the most. By tapping into the community, Chestr hopes to get more artists into the mainstream. Word-of-mouth is the best way to market. Chester’s goal is to ensure that the community expands and allows for a more friendly and approachable environment for collectors and creators to encourage each other.

Learn more about Chestr

If you’re looking to learn more about Chestr, their project page is available here.

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