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Filecoin MinerX Fellowship Program

The MinerX Fellowship engages small and medium-sized miners distributed across the world to help improve Filecoin’s experience and productivity in the early stages of the network. MinerX is designed to build a solid foundation of geographically-diverse, reliable, long-term storage options to accelerate the development of tools and services in the Filecoin ecosystem.

Additionally, the MinerX program will identify areas to improve the experience of being a miner for the rest of the Filecoin community. The more miners offer storage in different parts of the world, the faster we can work toward Filecoin’s underlying mission to store humanity’s most important information.

MinerX Fellows are chosen based on their past contributions to improving the network, including:

  • Willingness to help and provide support for other miners and community members;
  • Participation and engagement in the Filecoin Slack and in other parts of the ecosystem;
  • Demonstrated attention to dealmaking/storage on Filecoin; and
  • Geographical and hardware setup diversity.

The MinerX 2021 Fellows

In December, we solicited applications for the program and our first class of MinerX Fellows. 30 Fellows were selected, coming from North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania! In addition to being highly active members of the community, Fellows bring a wide range of perspectives to the table in terms of their individual mining setups, participation in deals, sealing capabilities, and power (ranging from recently initialized miners to 600TiB). Congratulations to those who were selected! The program will officially launch next week with this first class of fellows.

The MinerX 2021 Course

Fellows will focus their efforts on fortifying the network by accepting storage and retrieval deals, supporting various development efforts, identifying areas of improvement for the network, engaging with the community, and growing their network footprint. In exchange, each MinerX Fellow has received an ongoing FIL grant.

Fellows will also provide feedback and file bug reports for tooling/implementations that they are using to improve the experience for all miners. In addition, they’ll help bolster the Filecoin network by accepting storage and retrieval deals, while helping other miners in Filecoin Slack and other channels.

Over the next few weeks we’ll dive deeper into the progress being made by the Fellows on this blog, so please check back for updates. And be sure to stay tuned for future opportunities and ways to collaborate in the Filecoin ecosystem.

Filecoin is an open-source cloud storage marketplace, protocol, and incentive layer.