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Filecoin News 25: JigStack Gallery Integrates IPFS and Filecoin, Mask x Filecoin, Lotus Release v1.11.1 and More


17 Winning Projects from DoraHack’s Filecoin Grant Hackathon

Last month the voting period closed for the 2021 DoraHacks Filecoin Grant Hackathon. Lasting from May 1 to mid-July, the Round 1 Filecoin Grants distributed $249,000 USD among the winning projects across first, second, and third place. Catch up with the winning projects to learn more about the projects building the future of the Filecoin network in this blog post. You can also check out all of the applicants and watch the projects’ presentations on the DoraHacks Youtube channel.

Announcing Filecoin - Polygon Bridge with Free Storage for Developers

Filecoin is announcing a collaboration with Polygon to accelerate Web3 interoperability between both ecosystems. The collaboration kicks off with the recently-created Filecoin-Polygon Bridge by the Textile team. To further encourage developers to try out and build on the bridge, Filecoin and Polygon are offering free storage costs for any projects using the Textile bridge. Both projects have also lined up two upcoming joint hackathons where developers can try the bridge and begin building new applications.

To get started on the bridge deployment on Polygon, simply visit the instructions and documentation at (All storage costs using the bridge are free!) To learn more about the collaboration, check out this post.


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Gallery is the most recent solution from JigstackDAO, a governance platform for multiple DeFi products governed and incentivized by $STAK. Gallery is Jigstack’s entrance to the NFT ecosystem, developing novel and creative opportunities for NFTs and STAK holders. Gallery has just announced they will be using IPFS and Filecoin to store the NFTs that will be announced as part of their plans in the near future. Read more and sign up to stay updated about Gallery’s release!

Mask Network × Filecoin: Bridging the Gap Between Web2 and Web3

Last week, Mask Network and Filecoin announced a collaboration to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 by bringing decentralized storage solutions to Mask users.

Mask Network is a leading protocol connecting Web2 platforms with Web3 principles. The Mask browser extension allows anyone to interact with others on traditional platforms like Facebook and Twitter, but do so through and with Web3 principles and solutions. Users can send and receive encrypted messages, transfer cryptocurrencies, and fund projects on Gitcoin. And soon, store and share files through Filecoin. Download the Mask browser extension and get started.

With the Mask browser extension, users will be able to choose to upload particular files to the Filecoin network, and share them as either encrypted or unencrypted assets to their networks. Read more about this accelerated path towards the vision of storing and securing humanity’s digital information.

Web3.Storage Feature in The New Stack

A shoutout from The New Stack about Web3.Storage — recently launched to provide developers with free access (yes, indefinitely) to Filecoin’s storage solutions. provides redundancy and easy use, opening up the world of decentralized storage to even greater numbers of veteran and new Web3 developers alike. Check out the New Stack overview.

Storage Providers

Filecoin Community Approves Change to Storage Provider Terminology

On August 20th, the Filecoin community approved Filecoin Improvement Proposal 18 (FIP-0018), which reframes messaging around the storage market and those who participate in it as storage providers. The decision was made after several weeks of soliciting input and feedback on FIP-0018 from across the Filecoin community. This change will be implemented across Filecoin docs sites, Githhub, both Filecoin and Filecoin Foundation official social media channels, as well as other ecosystem tools. To learn more about the motivation behind this decision, read this post.

Lotus Release v1.11.1

Lotus v1.11.1 has been released! This is a highly recommended Lotus feature release that introduces many deal making and datastore improvements plus new features and bug fixes. Check out the full release notes featuring the concepts, architecture, and more.

Proofs v9.0.0 & v9.0.1 Release

Proofs releases v9.0.0 and v9.0.1 are live and tagged in the lotus v1.11.2rc series for testing! These releases switch the default bls381 library from pairing to blst, as it’s been audited and measured for better performance. Given that storage providers were largely using blst as an optional feature for some time, it made sense to make it the default. This release also switches our internal threadpool implementation from rayon to yastl for improved scheduling in our parallel workloads.


Filecoin Community Event Grants

Announcing the Filecoin community event grants! This program will consist of a series of small grants to help cover costs in organizing community events from October 18-22nd in celebration of the first anniversary of Filecoin Mainnet launch. To apply please complete this form by September 10th at 11:59pm PT.

IPFSForce hosts Space Race Celebration

On August 24th, IPFSForce hosted the Filecoin Genesis Block Online Summit, a one year anniversary celebration of the Filecoin Space Race. Over 11k community members tuned in to the event to hear about all of the exciting developments in the Filecoin ecosystem.

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FiveToken Beta Test

On August 25th, FiveToken (formerly in collaboration with the Filecoin Foundation will launch a beta test for the community to review the full suite of FiveToken Web3 Apps. The 500 participants with the most valuable feedback will win an NFT, PX 貔貅, the FiveToken mascot

By completing the following steps, you will be eligible to win an NFT:

  • Download a FiveToken product (choose one of three):
  • <ul>
      <li><a href=">FiveToken App</a> (Web 3 cross-chain version for reliable ID storage and management)</li>
      <li><a href=">FiveToken App</a> (storage provider version for Filecoin asset management)</li>
      <li><a href="">FiveToken Chrome Extension</a> (for website usage of Web 3 cross chain version)</li>
  • Create your FiveToken account and complete the beta test
  • Once finished, fill out this Google form
  • Share the snapshot of the final page of your test on your twitter account and tag @fivetokenio
  • Claim your NFT 貔貅 after our winner announcement

Korean Community Building Platform & Resources

Filecoin channels in Korean language have launched on many popular social networks and discussion groups. Join the conversation!

Telegram discussion group

Telegram announcement group

Naver Blog

Filecoin Slack Channel: #fil-korea

Blockchain Hub Blog

Stay tuned on the above channels for updates in Korean! 🇰🇷


Intro to NFTs with Yusef Napora

The Encode Filecoin Club hosted Protocol Labs engineer and technical writer Yusef Napora for a session introducing students and hackers to NFTs. In the hour-long session, Yusef covered NFT topics such as contracts, standards, and storage challenges. He also led the attendees through hands-on coding challenges on deploying and minting NFTs, and how to store them on NFT.Storage.


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