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Dive into the Filecoin Virtual Machine

Announced during Filecoin Orbit 2021, the Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM) marks the next evolution of the Filecoin Network, bringing together decentralized storage and powerful computation. The FVM allows smart contracts (called ‘actors’ in the Filecoin ecosystem) to endow the data stored on the network with more utility and power. Based on WASM, the FVM is built to be multi-VM, starting with EVM compatibility — ensuring Filecoin’s storage solutions can scale to the growing, interoperable needs of Web3. Dive into the FVM.

Storage Providers

Enterprise Storage Provider Accelerator

The Enterprise Storage Provider Accelerator (ESPA) will accelerate enterprise adoption of Filecoin. Participants will embark on a one year program kicking off with an in-person one-week bootcamp in Las Vegas, followed with an online internship period with detailed courses covering everything from crypto-economics to business development and growth into the Web3 enterprise space, concluding with a residency period where participants will develop and expand their business plan.

The first cohort is limited, with participants starting on January 10th, 2022. Submit your application by Friday, December 10, 2021! More information on qualifications and how to apply located here:


Filecoin Community - Japanese Channels

The Filecoin community is excited to announce the official launch of Japan community channels! To join the Filecoin Japanese community, please join the #fil-japan channel on Filecoin Slack and to stay up to date on Filecoin news & updates, subscribe to Filecoin’s account.

With over 450 registered builders, and 75 incredible Spaces submitted, the largest ever Metaverse Build Bounty is wrapping up. This event, sponsored by Filecoin, was designed to spur the creation and use of open metaverse spaces. After lengthy deliberation, the judging panel has decided their favorite Spaces they’d like to bid on. These Spaces will get wired together to create the Filecoin Forum. While each and every Space was incredible in its own way, the top Spaces best represent the Filecoin community and their needs. And since there were so many amazing builds submitted, Protocol Labs decided to expand the prize pool and number of build bounties. Check out this blog post to see the bounty winners and be sure to tune in for the live event on November 16th.

Introducing the NFT Projects from the Filecoin Launchpad Accelerator II

On September 28th, 20 teams took part in a demo day hosted by the Filecoin Launchpad Accelerator, run by Tachyon. Part of the Demo Day included presentations from 5 NFT projects. Nftfy offers fractional ownership for the valuable NFTs across the ecosystem. Paras is a system for supporting and developing crypto-native intellectual properties. Fractio is a premium NFT toolkit for creators interested in dynamic-data NFTs. Nifty Royale is a prize distribution system that distributes NFTs through a no-loss pool system. Chestr is a create-to-earn platform centered around digital artists. Learn more about each of these NFT projects from Filecoin Launchpad II here.

League of Entropy Partnership Opportunity

The League of Entropy is expanding the drand network and is looking for credible organizations to partner with. Check here for more details and get in touch!


Funding the Commons

Funding the Commons was a virtual summit on November 12th for individuals and organizations building new models of sustainable public goods funding and value alignment in open source networks. The summit brought together Web3 thought leaders such as Juan Benet, Vitalik Buterin, Karl Floersch, and more to discuss novel experiments and future directions for funding our collective commons. If you missed the event, watch the recording and stay tuned for more deep dives on the featured sessions.

ConsensusDays 21

In early October, Protocol Labs Research led a two day workshop, ConsensusDays 21. The event, which was extended from one to two days due to community interest and workshop applications, brought together brilliant minds in cryptography, blockchain, and engineering to discuss and problem solve the most pressing matters in “consensus” — the foundation of Web3. The full program and workshop recordings are now live — dive in.

Web3 Jam with ETHGlobal - now through November 24

Web3 Jam is an ETHGlobal hackathon focused on building the foundation for the Web3 world with sponsors such as Protocol Labs and Livepeer, and $100,000+ in prizes available. Although applications are now closed, there is still time to tune in to events happening now through November 24th. Don’t miss the Filecoin and IPFS office hours with Discordian happening at 21:00 CET on Tuesday, November 16th and Wednesday, the 17th.

CSON[1] - December 1-3, 2021

Protocol Labs is proud to be participating in ChainSafe’s 2nd annual virtual summit CSCON[1]! The virtual event will take place on Dec 1st-3rd, and includes speakers such as Juan Benet, Pooja Shah, and Jonathan Victor. The Filecoin community is looking forward to meeting the other makers and stewards in the Web3 space. Register now to secure a spot at the event!


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The Filecoin blog and YouTube channel are also great sources of information if you’re just getting started.

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