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Announcing FIL-Singapore Summit!

Over a thousand Web3 enthusiasts will be joining members of the Filecoin community for FIL-Singapore Summit, happening from August 16th-19th. The event will be a celebration of all the amazing progress in the ecosystem and a look ahead to the exciting future of the network. You can expect to hear from world-class speakers, join side events and meetups, and participate in challenging hackathons. Sign up now to host your own workshop or meetup at the event and read more on the Filecoin blog.

Announcing Filecoin Storage Provider Mentorship Grants (FSPM)

On April 18th, the Filecoin ecosystem launched the Filecoin Storage Provider Mentorship Grants (FSPM), a program where qualified grantees can receive subsidized expert SP operator consulting. This is the perfect opportunity for those interested in becoming an SP or nascent SPs looking to scale their current operations. As part of the FSPM kick-off, for a limited time only, 10 qualified applicants will receive 10 hours of fully subsidized consulting services. Find out more in this blog.


The Erica Show ft. Colin Evran

Catch Colin Evran on the latest episode of the popular South Korean podcast, The Erica Show. He shared his thoughts on what makes Filecoin so special, broke down important elements of the network, and explained how Filecoin was able to foster a strong community in China. The conversation ended with a look into what the future holds for the Filecoin community and the ultimate vision for the project. Listen now!

Filecoin Green’s Role in Saving the Paraguayan Rainforest

GainForest, a Solana-based sustainability project, is working with the Environmental Ministry of Paraguay (MADES) to protect thousands of hectares of the Gran Chaco rainforest in the country. The green crypto initiative is relying on Filecoin Green to store satellite and drone data charting the landscape in a decentralized way. Donors receive data drops and wildlife pictures in the form of “NFTrees.” Read more in this article.

Storage Provider Meetup in Amsterdam

A Filecoin in-person one day meetup for Storage Providers took place yesterday, April 25th, in Amsterdam. The event featured an open discussion on the Filecoin roadmap and other newly released programs. It was a great opportunity to meet with other Storage Providers, ecosystem partners, and experts from the Filecoin ecosystem.

The First Filecoin Orbit Cohort Successfully Onboarded!

From the Filecoin Foundation and Protocol Labs, the Filecon Orbit Community Program is focused on building and evangelizing the future of decentralized storage technologies. In the inaugural newsletter from the Orbit Community Program, check out what program participants have been up to. Learn about the cohort of 13 “cadets” added to the program and the 7 meetups that happened across the globe in Q1. More in the newsletter!


Introducing Lurk: A programming language for recursive zk-SNARKs

The Lurk programming language’s repositories are now open to the public. Lurk is a Turing-complete programming language for recursive zk-SNARKs (zero knowledge Succinct Non-interactive ARguments of Knowledge) that will enable new possibilities for SNARK proofs, blockchain consensus, the Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM), decentralized apps, data integration with IPFS and IPLD, and more. Read along and learn more about how developers can leverage this new tool.


Retrieval Markets Workshop: Intro to Filecoin Saturn

The Filecoin community today is gathering today April 26th, for the Retrieval Market Workshop to talk about the Filecoin Saturn initiative. Juan Benet and Patrick Woodhead will be discussing topics like p2p networks, cryptoeconomics, and payment systems in Kimpton De Witt, Amsterdam from 2 pm - 6 pm (UTC+2). Find out more about the event on the official website or watch the live stream featuring the main presentations.

What You Need to Know about IPFS and Filecoin to Build Your Next NFT Project

Mark your calendars for April 29th at 13:00 UTC for a Twitter Spaces event with Filecoin Developer Advocates. The event will be a discussion about the critical tools developers should keep in mind when designing, building, and launching their next NFT Project — specifically IPFS and Filecoin. Register here!

Paris P2P Festival

The Paris P2P Festival, a hackathon for teams building peer-to-peer solutions, is happening from April 27th to May 1st. Join Filecoin, IPFS, and lib2p2 core developers, maintainers, and a vibrant research community in the City of Light. The hackathon will feature rewards for teams proposing innovative decentralized solutions. Registration closes on Friday, April 29th. Get your ticket now!

Filecoin Green Meetup

On Tuesday, May 3rd, the Filecoin community will join virtually to discuss its efforts towards sustainability in blockchain technology. The Filecoin Green Meetup will feature Storage Providers building renewable energy into their operations, developers using Filecoin to track environmental impacts, and what the network is working on to catalyze sustainability across the Filecoin ecosystem. Be sure to RSVP.

FIL Austin hosted by the Filecoin Foundation

Registration for FIL Austin is still open! On Wednesday, June 8th, the Filecoin Foundation is bringing the Filecoin community together IRL for workshops, panels, networking, and more– all dedicated to expanding the Filecoin network and growing the Web3 ecosystem. Register here to stay up-to-date on exciting FIL Austin details!

Hedera22: Hello Smart Contracts

The Hedera community is celebrating its first Solidity smart contract hackathon. H22 features prizes for the best use cases of Filecoin and IPFS for decentralized storage and projects who use the technology via,, Estuary, Fleek, Textile also qualify. The event is underway until May 16th. Join now!


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