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Radius Fellowship: FVM

FVM promises to unlock a wave of inspiring new use cases in web3 by combining smart contracts with provable storage. Want to learn how to build on FVM? Apply today for the Radius Fellowship, a cohort-based engineering fellowship to train builders on FVM, make friends, and support you in applying for FVM grant funding. Taught by Protocol Labs’ former Head of Product Pooja Shah, and supported by Protocol Labs and the FVM core team. Check it out and apply today!


Filecoin’s Q3 According to Messari

The Messari community has put together a comprehensive look at what Q3 2022 looked like for the Filecoin network. It’s findings are exciting, to say the least. During the third quarter of the year, active storage Filecoin has grown 82% QoQ and storage utilization grew 6x faster than storage capacity during the past year, all on the back of FIL+ deals. The network also saw a 12% increase in new projects using its technology. Read the report to find out more.

How to Get Started in Web3 with Protocol Labs

Protocol Labs’ mission is to drive breakthroughs in computing technology and push humanity forward. This involves collaborating with as many brilliant humans as possible. However, it can still be difficult for many to get started in the Web3 ecosystem. Those looking to start a new project need to be matched with funding, and those interested in bringing their talents into the space may struggle with the knowledge gap between Web2 and Web3. Learn about the opportunities available for everyone in the Protocol Labs Network.

FilSwan announced that (MCS), a cross-chain Filecoin storage gateway, has integrated Chainlink Price Feeds on the Polygon mainnet. MCS enables users to pay for Filecoin storage with stablecoins and backup their data on up to 5 Filecoin nodes. The addition of Chainlink Price Feeds will provide more accurate and time-sensitive market data on FIL/USD and USDC/USD pairs when swapping tokens for cross-chain storage. Find out more on the FilSwan blog. FilSwan currently provides 10GB of free storage space for each user, so give the new integration a try!


Introducing Shark

The new Filecoin Network Version 17 is another important upgrade that’s just around the corner. Codenamed ‘Shark’, it represents a step towards FVM-enabled smart contracts that will open the door to user-programmable storage markets. The Lotus team put together a high level overview of the update and took questions from the community in an AMA session on October 20th. Check out the recording with all the details.


LabWeek22 is happening now!

LabWeek22, the biggest Protocol Labs Network moment of the year, is here! Come join the PLN community in Lisbon, Portugal now through November 4th, for Protocol Labs’ first-ever decentralized conference. It’s an opportunity for network teams to collaborate on a variety of exciting topics, including decentralized storage, compute over data, Filecoin Virtual Machine, public goods funding, DeSci, cryptoeconomics, gaming and the metaverse, and much more! There are more than 25 confirmed events so far, such as IPFS Camp, FIL Lisbon, PL Summit, ConsensusLab Summit, CryptoEconDay, Retrieval Markets Summit, ETHLisbon, Funding the Commons, the Decentralized Job Fair, and Compute over Data Summit². View the entire schedule on the LabWeek22 site and register now.

ConsensusLab Summit

ConsensusLab has been working on novel solutions to scaling blockchains in general and Filecoin in particular, ranging from our flagship InterPlanetary Consensus project to multi-threaded execution in FVM. Join the community in Lisbon on October 26th to get a sneak peek into the future of Filecoin and shape our directions, all during an afternoon of good talks, great discussions, and cold drinks. Register now!

IPFS Camp is back!

Join the IPFS community in Lisbon, Portugal on October 28 - 30th! Hosted at the stunning Convento do Beato, IPFS Camp is a gathering for devs, operators, implementers, users, researchers – and you. Join the IPFS community for talks, workshops, discussion circles, hacking time, and more. Check out the schedule and grab your ticket now. We hope to see you there and look forward to building the next generation of the web together!

🎟 Use the exclusive discount code “FILNEWS” for 25% off your ticket!


Join the Filecoin community to celebrate the anniversary of the mainnet launch from October 30th - November 4th at the LX Factory in Lisbon, Portugal. Hear from an unmatched speaker lineup that will dive into Filecoin and Web3, taking you through the Filecoin world of FVM, NFTs, the metaverse, and beyond. Register now!

LongHashX Accelerator Filecoin Demo Day

We’re less than a month away from the exciting project presentations by the 9th cohort of the Filecoin Demo Day at LongHashX Accelerator. On November 9th, 10 “acceleratees” will present what they’ve worked on across verticals like Zero-knowledge DID, NFT tooling, data DAOs, and more. Don’t miss out and sign up now!


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The Filecoin blog and YouTube channel are also great sources of information if you’re just getting started.

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