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Introducing Filecoin TL;DR

It’s hard to keep up with all the exciting things happening in the Filecoin community, so let’s make it easier for you. If you’re a FIL holder and would like to stay up to date without getting too deep into all the technical stuff, check out Filecoin TL;DR. It aims to simplify Filecoin ecosystem news. Get official updates on project development, staking, and the FIL token on the new TL;DR website and follow along on Twitter.

Filecoin Network v17 Shark 🦈 Upgrade is Coming

The upcoming Filecoin upgrade to network version 17, Shark 🦈, will bring a range of improvements and simplifications that set the stage for programmable storage: smart contracts that interact with storage deals and providers. This is currently expected to be the last upgrade before the February launch of the FEVM (EVM runtime on FVM) slated for network version 18. Get the full list of FIPs that will be activated in version 17 in this blog post and hear more about them on the July 2022 PL EngRes All Hands deep dive.


How to Stake FIL

So you’re a new FIL-holder and want to know how you can stake your tokens? HQ Han has you covered. In her recent Twitter thread, HQ lists and explains all the options that are available to you as well as new ones on the horizon. Some of these include Coinlist and Anchorage for institutions. You can also learn more about staking FIL on the Filecoin TL;DR blog.

The Filecoin Masterplan

Where is Filecoin going in the short-term and long-term future? Filecoin and IPFS are a foundational part of the web3 stack. The community has worked hard to build the world’s largest decentralized storage network and onboard and safeguard humanity’s data. Now, it plans to bring retrieval and compute capabilities to the data to build scalable applications. Learn more about the vision for Filecoin on the blog or by watching Juan Benet’s keynote presentation at FIL-Singapore.

Is Crypto Good for the World?

Juan Benet and the Filecoin community thinks so. This is always a timely question, especially when the distinctions between different sectors of the space need to be emphasized. Juan joined Bankless’s David Hoffman to discuss topics like DeFi vs CeFi, positive externalities, and all the ways in which builders in web3 can make crypto good for the world with decentralized infrastructure and cryptographic primitives. Tune in on the Green Pill Podcast.

Get the Scoop on the First-Ever FEVM Hackathon

The FEVM is the initial launch of Filecoin’s smart contract capabilities that are compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. On November 18th, the community celebrated the first-ever FEVM hackathon to start getting builders familiarized with these new features. You can watch video recordings for the FEVM hackathon kick-off and finale on Finalist projects included a deal factory for soulbound tokens provably stored on Filecoin.


FVM Topaz is Live!

The Filecoin Wallaby testnet is now running FVM Topaz (r8) as the community continues to march on the roadmap for smart contract capabilities on the network. The release includes support for events and the full Ethereum JSON-RPC API. Read this short thread for more information on Topaz and the upcoming Sapphire release. You can also dig deeper into the ongoing FVM deployment in the Filecoin blog and stay tuned for more updates on the FVM website.


Web3 Pioneers — Future Storage Panel

Set a reminder for an interesting panel on web3 and the future of storage this Wednesday, November 23rd, at 1pm ET. The event is organized by NKN and will include panelists from the teams at ETHStoreage, Bluzelle, and members of the Filecoin community. Don’t miss out! Tune in on Twitter Spaces to learn more about their perspectives.

FIL-Bangalore is Right Around the Corner

The Filecoin community is headed to India for the FIL-Bangalore event organized by Huddle01. From November 29th-30th, builders will get a chance to participate in engaging workshops and hear from keynote speakers including Juan Benet and Gabriel Anderson from Tachyon Accelerator. Register now, tickets are still available!

Gaming X Blockchain Days Conference

Right after FIL-Bangalore, the Filecoin community is sponsoring the first-ever blockchain gaming conference in Bengaluru organized by the Godwoken Blockchain. Join builders and ecosystem partners at The Den on December 5th and participate in workshops designed to educate developers on the advantages of blockchain technology for game development. Apply for an invite and get ready to build your first blockchain game.


✊Get Involved!

Head over to the Filecoin project on GitHub and be sure to take a look at the community resources. Ask questions in the Filecoin Slack, discuss issues or new ideas in the community forum, follow us on WeChat @Filecoin-Official or send us your thoughts on Twitter by following @Filecoin.

The Filecoin blog and YouTube channel are also great sources of information if you’re just getting started.

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