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Filecoin News 67

Filecoin News 67


Brave Announces Automatic NFT Backups and Enhanced Filecoin Support in Brave Wallet

Brave and Protocol Labs first began collaborating in January 2021, when Brave introduced support for IPFS on desktop versions of the browser, unlocking unique new ways to experience the Web for everyday users. Today, Brave is unveiling new features to support the development, adoption, and use of the decentralized Web (dWeb). The v1.51 release of the wallet introduces automatic NFT pinning, which backs up the metadata of supported NFTs to the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). Catch up on the announcement on the Filecoin blog

HackFS is back!

EthGlobal and Protocol Labs are excited to share the news that HackFS is back for its fourth year in a row. The hackathon will run from June 2nd to 21st with over $100k in prizes from IPFS, Filecoin, ApeCoin DAO, Huddle01 and more. During the event you’ll have the opportunity to build with fellow web3 enthusiasts plus receive mentorship from some of the top minds in the ecosystem. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s build the decentralized web together, apply to attend


Democracy’s Library Q&A 

Recently, Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web spoke with Jamie Joyce, US Project Lead at Democracy’s Library, which is providing a central repository of veritable information for all stakeholders. Read on for more information about Democracy’s Library and its quest to empower the future of government.

Open Developer Grants

Do you have an idea for pushing the Filecoin ecosystem forward? Visit the Open Developer Grants GitHub to learn more about the available opportunities in our four featured categories: Developer and Data Tooling; Applications; Integrations; and Research and Protocols. Check out the website to learn more. 

Get matched by Mosaia

Whether you’re a service provider or a web3 builder, Mosaia is here to help! Mosaia is a marketplace of the best web3 native service providers in areas such as Blockchain Devshop, GTM, Cryptoeconomic, and Dev Relations that is changing the way companies get built and scale. Explore Mosaia, start a search or submit a project now!


Introducing Lassie - a retrieval client for Filecoin and IPFS

Meet Lassie, a simple retrieval client that will fetch your data from Filecoin and IPFS. We encourage the community to try it for yourself and share with others who want to retrieve content from Filecoin or IPFS, and look forward to hearing your feedback. Learn more in this blog post or on GitHub or #retrieval-help in Filecoin slack.

Filecoin DeStor Portal for Storage Providers

Ready to get started on the Filecoin DeStor portal? Learn how to leverage this portal for the latest content, announcements, and information that will support your conversations with your clients. Watch this video for 3 quick steps to get started today.


Announcing the Filecoin & IPFS Ecosystem Roundup

We are delighted to announce a revamped public all hands now called - Filecoin & IPFS Ecosystem Roundup. In this monthly public call we give builders and community members a platform to share how they’re making web3 work better for all of us.

The Filecoin & IPFS Ecosystem Roundup is a great way to stay connected and engaged with the Filecoin & IPFS ecosystems. Hear the latest updates, developments, and insights straight from the community, and stay up to date on the progress and evolution of the network. It’s also an excellent opportunity to understand more deeply the decentralized storage landscape and the revolutionary technology behind Web3.

We are excited to share this newly enhanced experience and celebrate our community’s most recent accomplishments with the world. Check out the May Roundup and join us live the first Thursday of every month. Fill out this submission for an opportunity to be featured in the ‘Wins of the Month’ segment or fill out this form to nominate another Team/Project.

SBS-Earth is Coming Soon!

We’re excited to announce the next SBS event, SBS-Earth, a completely virtual, global festival of ReFi that will bring even more visibility to on-the ground projects and real-world applications of web3 technologies on August 16th! Apply to speak or sign up to be notified about future SBS updates and stay tuned for more details about SBS-Earth.

Meet the Filecoin SP Community at SynBioBeta

We’re attending SynBioBeta 2023, the world’s largest synthetic biology conference! Join us on May 23rd to 25th at the Oakland Marriott City Center to discover how decentralized storage solves data management headaches for researchers. Plus you’ll get the opportunity to meet Filecoin storage providers PiKNiK and Seal Storage Technology to discuss solutions to protect your most important data.

ConsensusDays is back!

Consensus is at the heart of blockchain networks but its scalability remains an Achilles’ heel. Join us on June 5-6 for the third edition of ConsensusDays, a virtual workshop focused on the latest research in consensus and adjacent topics. The program for this year counts 20 peer-reviewed contributions plus invited talks from Zarko Milosevic and Aggelos Kiayias. Get your free ticket now!

Funding the Commons, July 15-16

The 6th edition of Funding the Commons will take place on 15-16 July with the beautiful backdrop of Paris, France. This installation of Funding the Commons is timed as the perfect complement to the Ethereum Community Conference, which takes place the following day and just a short walk from the university. Paris will be our key in-person event during 2023 and will be unique in its incorporation of open space technology and other unconference-style programming, in addition to keynote speakers and panel discussions. This format will enable even more connection amongst participants, and lead to the formation of new collaborations and projects. Apply to attend or apply to speak on the official website. We look forward to seeing you in Paris!

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