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Discover the limitless potential of Filecoin at Filecoin Unleashed in Paris! 

Filecoin Unleashed is the ultimate event to discover how Filecoin is transforming data storage and unlocking the open data economy. Join us in Paris on July 18th to experience captivating talks and presentations, connect with the Filecoin community, and gain exclusive access to the latest advancements. Reserve your spot now!

FVM Builder Cohort Launches to Mainnet

Leading up to FVM launch, 60+ projects in the Filecoin ecosystem were already building with FVM on its Hyperspace testnet as a part of the FVM Mainnet Pioneers cohort, a 6-week program that provided technical, product, and business mentorship and resources to selected teams. The cohort recently graduated with a showcase of the projects and a successful pitch day demonstrating the numerous opportunities that the FVM unlocks, such as liquid leasing, dataDAOs, decentralized computation frameworks, and more. Learn more about each of these teams and what the community is building with FVM in this blog post. And lastly, congratulations to the graduated teams! 


EthGlobal Waterloo

​​Want to build the future of web3? Join the Filecoin and IPFS communities on June 23-25th for ETHGlobal Waterloo, where you can make your mark on the web3 ecosystem alongside developers and creatives from around the world. We are thrilled to hear from thinkers such as Vitalik Buterin and can’t wait to see the teams who will be taking home $200,000 USD in prizes.

Protocol Labs partners with a16z crypto to support Crypto Startup School participants

Protocol Labs has partnered with a16z crypto to provide targeted support to visionary founders participating in the 2023 Crypto Startup School (CSS) accelerator program. The program, designed for web3 startups, selected 26 teams from over 8,000 applicants to receive mentorship, lectures, and access to the a16z network over a 12-week period in Los Angeles. Learn more about the program and partnership in this press release

Apply to Alliance’s next accelerator 

Are you a founder ready to take your startup to the next level? Alliance, one of the leading web3 accelerators, will be running its next cohort on August 14th and Protocol Labs is a proud sponsor supporting top founders at all stages. The program is still accepting applications until June 14th and already accepted teams include 0x, StepN, Zerion, Kyber, Synthetix, Paraswap, Ribbon, Tensor, and hundreds more. If you’re interested in learning more about Alliance, check out this deck or apply now!

Celer’s Expanded FVM Support

Celer has officially expanded Filecoin support to include both cBridge and Celer IM for the Calibration testnet to support builders for the current HackFS hackathon. Learn more about Celer’s integration of FVM in this blog post

Verifiable and transparent environmental data storage using CO2.Storage and Filecoin

Filecoin Green grantee GainForest recently competed in the XPRIZE Rainforest semi-finals and is leveraging CO2.Storage and Filecoin for verifiable, transparent, and provenance-preserving data storage of environmental and citizen science-related data. This project aims to utilize decentralized storage systems such as Filecoin and to securely track and verify user contributions and to provide a trustworthy mechanism for issuing financial rewards.

CV Labs Demo Day

After completing a 10-week accelerator program with CV Labs, 9 startups presented their unique projects at a Demo Day last week, providing a glimpse into the future of web3. Want to meet the entrepreneurs and learn more about their projects? Check out the Demo Day recording on YouTube.

Case Study: DeSci Labs

The “Replication Crisis,” the notion that results reported in scientific papers are difficult reproduce and independently verify by other researchers, is a challenge for the scientific community. By embracing open science principles and leveraging decentralized web technologies such as Filecoin and IPFS, the scientific community can overcome the challenges posed by the lack of transparency and reproducibility. These tools are the foundation of DeSci Labs’ vision for creating an open-access network without paywalls, barriers, and vendor lock-in. Read more about DeSci Labs in Filecoin Foundation’s latest case study

Introducing drand Code Walkthroughs 

The drand community and developer base is expanding rapidly. drand usage is gaining momentum with many applications using it to draw randomness for their systems. With that in mind, the team is launching code walkthroughs for community members who want to gain a holistic view of the system, become familiar with nitty gritty details, and ask questions in real time. These will be split in 8 sessions, starting on Tuesday June 20th at 1430 UTC and running every other Tuesday. Read the blogpost for more details.


An update from ChainSafe’s Forest

Forest, ChainSafe’s Rust implementation of the Filecoin protocol, is now an operational consensus node for the Filecoin Network! If you’re unfamiliar with Forest, read this primer including recent updates, what’s next for Forest, and a simple how-to guide for anyone who wants to take it for a test drive.


Monthly Filecoin & IPFS Ecosystem Roundup

In this revamped monthly public video we give builders and community members a platform to share how they’re making web3 work better for all of us. Watch the June Roundup out now and submit here to nominate a Team/Project to be featured as a ‘Win of the Month’ in July! Join us live the first Thursday of every month to celebrate the community and we look forward to seeing you there!

Funding the Commons in Paris

Mark your calendars for the 6th edition of Funding the Commons, set against the picturesque backdrop of Paris, France, on July 15-16. This edition is thoughtfully planned to complement the Ethereum Community Conference, just a short walk away the following day. Prepare to expand your thinking and build on new connections and ideas as we incorporate open-space technology and other unconference-style programming alongside inspiring keynotes and engaging panel discussions. Join us in forging new connections, fostering collaborations, and shaping the future of public goods. Interested? Register to attend.

Accelerate your Web3 journey: Protocol Labs Launchpad Summit

Protocol Labs launched Launchpad last year as an initiative to create a thriving hub for web3 learning and onboarding within the Protocol Labs Network (PLN). Now Launchpad is back in Paris this summer on July 16th to 21st during EthCC week. Check out this blog post for the full list of events, sessions, ticket information and more. Register today to secure your spot and unlock new possibilities!

Submit your talk for SBS Earth

Speaker applications for SBS Earth, the inaugural virtual Sustainable Blockchain Summit, are open until June 26th. This pioneering event unites industry leaders, innovators, and sustainability enthusiasts to explore the power of blockchain in promoting a greener and more equitable world. You can learn more about SBS at!

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