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Announcing the Open Data Hack with Encode

Looking for an exhilarating challenge? Join us for the Open Data Hack, a three-week online hackathon, starting August 30th! This event is all about sparking innovation in web3 and open data.

Together with Encode Club, we’re encouraging hackers, dreamers, and pioneers like you to create solutions for the future data-centric economy. Don’t miss out—register now and surf the wave of open data with us!

LongHashX Partners with Protocol Labs to Launch the FVM Genesis Accelerator

LongHashX Partners with Protocol Labs to Launch the FVM Genesis Accelerator, One of the World’s First Web3 Accelerators Focused on the Intersection of Web3 and AI. The 12-week program offers two distinct routes - FVM Accelerator Program and Filecoin Builders’ Fellowship Program - to equip builders and founders with the knowledge, funding, and network needed to successfully launch their projects on the Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM). The two programs are scheduled to start concurrently in mid-October. Builders have until 30 September 2023 11:59pm (GMT+8) to apply. Teams and projects interested in applying for the program can read more and apply directly using this form.

DSA Reduces Decentralized Storage Costs by 40%

The Decentralized Storage Alliance (DSA) brings together technology industry leaders to help enterprises make the transition to decentralized storage technologies through education, advocacy, and best practices. The DSA, in collaboration with Protocol Labs and Supranational, unveil the first release of an advanced software and reference configuration that will fundamentally optimize data onboarding for the Filecoin network. The new software significantly reduces costs for network participants, making it easier to both become a Filecoin Storage Provider and onboard data to the network. These network optimizations push forward decentralized storage technologies, advancing the industry and enabling further adoption by enterprises. Learn more in the official announcement

Protocol Labs & Edgevana Boost Filecoin’s Storage Capacity

Protocol Labs and Edgevana have announced a partnership to enhance Filecoin’s storage capacity, driven by the explosive growth of global data production and replication. The collaboration includes an initial $500,000 investment from Protocol Labs to streamline onboarding processes for more storage providers. With IDC’s projection of data production reaching 181 zettabytes by 2025, Filecoin is positioned as a transformative solution. The partnership seeks to democratize data storage access and innovation, combining Edgevana’s cloud infrastructure expertise with Protocol Labs’ technology to elevate Filecoin’s capabilities. The collaboration’s crowdfunding campaign begins on August 10, 2023, aiming to attract contributions and foster decentralized storage solutions. Learn more.


Fleek Network Releases New Whitepaper for Decentralized Edge Platform

Fleek Network has released a new whitepaper that details the decentralized edge platform, for the building and running of highly performant edge services. Fleek Network integrates both IPFS/Filecoin - Filecoin is integrated as a native supported storage layer, and it uses IPLD/IPFS as a content addressing layer on top of the entire decentralized edge network we are proposing. This early whitepaper draft details how Fleek Network implements content addressing and Filecoin at its core, and this blog explains why we believe IPFS’ model of content addressing is fundamental for our architecture.

Fund Public Goods Hackathon

Discover a world of innovation and impact at the first-ever Fund Public Goods Hackathon hosted by Funding the Commons from August 11 to September 1. Join us for this completely virtual experience that is open to all skill levels and has up to $63k in rewards for top projects. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to shape the future of decentralized funding ecosystems!

Filecoin Infra Roundtable

Lava Network has recently announced their collaboration with Protofire-Glif, a leading Filecoin infrastructure provider and contributor. This Wednesday they’re going live on Space with Mikers & Oggy from Protocol Labs to discuss the state of Filecoin infrastructure, reserve your spot!

The Evolution of Filecoin and IPFS: An Overview of Challenges and Future Opportunities

Check out this recent article by the team at on ‘The Evolution of Filecoin and IPFS: An Overview of Challenges and Future Opportunities’, based on an AMA with Juan Benet during Filecoin Unleashed Paris 2023. The article discusses the potential of Filecoin’s Virtual Machine (FVM) for AI and computational tasks, with a focus on generative AI and large language models. The network’s growth in computational power presents opportunities for large-scale inference and AI model training. Leveraging decentralized blockchain-powered connectivity can help govern datasets and facilitate tracking of data origin and usage. The challenges of scaling data onboarding and the emergence of “computer-over-data” (COD) networks like Bacalhau are discussed to enhance data coordination and computation. The article also highlights early adopters in scientific institutions, envisions enterprise adoption, and emphasizes the potential of the Interplanetary Consensus framework (IPC) for blockchain scalability. 


CC Sector Upgrade: Guidelines and Modeling

Upgrading existing CC sectors in the Filecoin Network is a promising opportunity for Storage Providers (SPs) to minimize new costs compared to sealing new deal sectors. The cost difference between upgrading a CC sector and adding a new deal sector is currently small, making the upgrading strategy viable. If verified deals are available, SPs should consider sealing new sectors with verified deals. Future changes, like cheaper CC sector acquisition and gas accounting adjustments, may further favor the CC sector upgrade pipeline. Read this blog post for more information.

Monitoring booster-http retrievals as a Filecoin Storage Provider

Boost recently introduced HTTP Gateway functionality to booster-http. Now, Filecoin storage providers can serve any chunks of files over HTTP, for greater simplicity and better interoperability with the rest of the web. Storage providers can set up booster-http and learn how to monitor retrieval activity in the latest blog post.


FIL Vegas, October 3-5

Join us in Las Vegas for the first major Filecoin community event in North America in 2023. As we return to the US for FIL Vegas, we’re shining the spotlight on storage providers, the backbone of the Filecoin community. Together, we’ll explore how the community can collaborate to usher in a new era for the network – an era defined by clients that see the differentiated value that Filecoin offers and an ecosystem that works together to support this accelerated level of growth. If you’re focused on the future of data storage and the latest on how artificial intelligence and emerging tech are impacting decentralized storage, this event is for you.

SBS-Earth Virtual Event - LIVE, August 16

The inaugural virtual Sustainable Blockchain Summit, is where technology meets sustainability in a groundbreaking digital experience! This pioneering event unites industry leaders, innovators, and sustainability enthusiasts to explore the power of blockchain in promoting a greener and more equitable world. Register now or sign up to sponsor, and we look forward to seeing you there! 

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