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Filecoin News 73


Filecoin docs is moving to Gitbook 

The Protocol Labs Docs Team is transitioning from Hugo, Doks, and Fleek to GitBook for hosting the Filecoin Docs website. This move aims to provide a more user-friendly experience for both contributors and readers, offering streamlined collaboration, version control, and customization options. GitBook also introduces AI-powered search features, making information retrieval faster and more efficient. Contributors can suggest edits using GitBook’s user-friendly editor, ensuring accessibility, while the content remains the same, resulting in a smoother user experience with improved search functionality. Learn more


Get ready for LabWeek23 in Istanbul!

Lab Week is back! Last year, more than 1,500 builders gathered in Lisbon, Portugal, for the first-ever decentralized conference organized by the Protocol Labs Network. Focused on shaping the future of the internet, LabWeek23 will bring the community together again November 13-17, 2023 in Istanbul, Turkey, alongside Devconnect. Get ready for a packed program that will cover ZK proofs, decentralized storage, AI and blockchain, compute over data, decentralized identity, cryptoeconomics, DeSci, and much more. We look forward to seeing you in Istanbul!

Find the Filecoin Community on Telegram 

Join the Filecoin Telegram Channel and stay at the forefront of decentralized storage innovation! Connect with fellow enthusiasts, receive real-time updates, engage in insightful discussions, and access exclusive content. Be part of the growing Filecoin community shaping the future of data storage. Ready to get involved? Join now

Filecoin and IPFS Ecosystem Roundup 

Check out the Filecoin and IPFS Ecosystem Roundup - in this revamped monthly public video we give builders and community members a platform to share how they’re making web3 work better for all of us. It’s also an excellent opportunity to understand more deeply the decentralized storage landscape and the revolutionary technology behind Web3. Watch the August Roundup out now for the latest updates, developments, and insights straight from the community, keeping you informed about the progress and evolution of the network.

Decentralized Compute: What it unlocks and why it matters

Why is compute over data (CoD) central to the Filecoin master plan? Enterprise data is growing 42% YoY yet moving data is still relatively slow and expensive. We need decentralized open source compute over data protocols to efficiently process data at the source rather than moving data. Learn more about what decentralized compute unlocks in the latest FilecoinTLDR blog


Apply NOW to attend or speak at FIL Dev Summit Singapore!

Today is the last day to apply to attend and submit a talk for FIL Dev Summit Singapore, happening next week on September 12-14th. The FIL Dev Summit Singapore will feature a range of different topics from protocol development, FVM applications, governance and more, plus attendees will get to hear from speakers like Jennifer Wang, Nicola Grecco, and Juan Benet. General admission tickets are $150 and grants access to all three days of the event. Apply by 11:55pm PT for your chance to attend. Can’t make it to FIL Dev Summit Singapore? The crew is heading to Iceland on September 25-27th and applications are still open - check out the schedule for yourself. 

Upcoming Global FIL Events:

  • FIL Seoul, Sept 6-7: Mark your calendar for FIL Seoul, presented by Secured Finance and supported by the Filecoin Foundation, happening on September 6-7th. Plus join the FIL Seoul Network Base for lightning talks, workshops, coworking, and networking to create lasting connections.
  • FIL Vegas, Oct 3-5: FIL Vegas brings together the top minds in decentralized storage for three days of workshops, presentations, and networking. Don’t miss this global community event featuring DeStor Workshops alongside ESPA’s Cohort 8 Accelerator Program Kickoff. Whether you’re just starting out your decentralized storage journey or growing your business, FIL Vegas is the place to be to join in on hands-on education and community building with the entire Filecoin ecosystem. Joining us for FIL Vegas October 3-5? Still need to book a place to stay? We’ve negotiated discounted sleeping room rates and have secured a limited number of reduced-rate hotel rooms right at the Park MGM. This discount is only available until September 7th! Also - Keep an eye out at for an updated schedule coming soon.

Funding the Commons Berlin 

Join Funding the Commons in Berlin on September 8-9 for FTC Berlin and celebrate the hands-on spirit of creation and innovation. Enjoy workshops and insightful talks by key players in the field. Register here.

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