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Three Years of Filecoin Mainnet!

This week, Filecoin Foundation is celebrating the three-year anniversary of the Filecoin network’s mainnet launch! A big thank you to the storage providers, builders, researchers, enterprises, clients, and all those helping to build a better internet and preserve humanity’s most important information. Take a moment to reflect on these last three years and peek at what’s ahead in this blog post.

Filecoin Network Version 21

Exciting developments are on the horizon for the Filecoin network with the upcoming Filecoin network version 21, aptly codenamed Watermelon . The upgrade will be delivered by MANDATORY Lotus v1.24.0 release and Venus v1.14.0 (forest release info is coming soon!). So far, lotus v1.24.0-rc2 has been published with the calibration network upgrade scheduled on October 19, 2023, at 13:00:00 UTC (epoch 1013134). Storage providers are encouraged to conduct Synthetic PoRep and WindowPoSt partition management testing on calibration and optimize their production operations to reduce cost. There are many other new features and enhancements in this upgrade, for more information check out the summary here.


Open Data Hack - A Major Success

The Open Data Hack has successfully wrapped up, marking an impressive milestone since its Launch on August 30th. This three-week online hackathon attracted a dynamic community of Filecoin advocates who collaborated, innovated, and expanded the horizons of blockchain capabilities. Check out this blog post to discover the inspiring prize winners and read a comprehensive summary of the exciting developments made during the hackathon.

Composing the Symphony of a Carbon-Negative Digital Future: The Green Scores Methodology

In the digital age marked by rapid advancements such as machine learning and crypto mining, Filecoin Green is championing sustainability through its innovative Energy Validation Process (EVP). Established a year ago, the EVP is a unique auditing system for Filecoin Storage Providers, now expanding its reach to include a wider range of digital operations. Central to their approach is the introduction of Green Scores, which provide a nuanced assessment of environmental impact by combining various metrics like emissions data and hardware details. This fresh perspective redefines environmental responsibility in the digital world, read more.

Be part of the Filecoin Telegram Community

Join the Filecoin Telegram Channel and dive into the forefront of decentralized storage innovation. Connect with fellow enthusiasts, receive real-time updates, engage in insightful discussions, and access exclusive content. Be a vital part of the growing Filecoin community that’s shaping the future of data storage. Ready to get involved? Join now.

Registrations are still open for the Cronos Accelerator Program

Cronos Labs, the blockchain startup accelerator focused on the development of the Cronos ecosystem, announced the opening of applications for the second cohort of the flagship US $100M-backed Cronos Accelerator Program. The third cohort of the three-month Accelerator Program is set to commence on 8th Jan 2024, selected projects will go through a 12-week acceleration program and receive upfront seed funding of USD $30,000. Participants will also have the chance to secure up to US$100K in further seed funding from Cronos Labs, as well as attend mentoring sessions, bespoke masterclasses, and fireside chats with industry experts. Further tailored benefits include marketing and public relations support, strategic advising, auditing support, introductions to the Capital team, and networking opportunities with leading crypto venture capital funds. Focusing on the priority verticals of DeFi, GameFi, SocialFi, and Infrastructure, the second cohort of the Accelerator Program will be accepting applications from this week onwards until the closing date on November 24th.


TL;DR Guide to Filecoin Wallets

Discover everything you need to know about Filecoin wallets in the latest blog post from Filecoin TL;DR. From choosing the right wallet for your needs to securing your FIL tokens, this guide simplifies the complexities of Filecoin’s storage ecosystem. Whether you’re a seasoned Filecoin enthusiast or just getting started, this comprehensive resource will help you navigate the world of decentralized storage effortlessly. Don’t miss out – read the full guide now!

MetaMask Snaps Filecoin Wallet is live

MetaMask has just launched its Filecoin wallet, making it easier than ever to connect to Filecoin decentralized apps. With this wallet, you can effortlessly manage your Filecoin accounts, send FIL to both Native and FEVM accounts, and gain valuable insights into FEVM transactions. Try it for yourself.


Filecoin and IPFS Ecosystem Roundup - register for November’s edition!

Looking for the latest news and happenings in the Filecoin and IPFS ecosystem? The Filecoin and IPFS Ecosystem Roundup is your one stop shop for the latest updates, developments, and insights straight from community members. The meeting is held monthly and you can be a part of it simply by registering via this Zoom link on November 2nd at 1pm ET. In case you missed last month’s, catch up on the October Roundup now to stay informed about the latest progress and evolution of the ecosystem. We hope to see you there!

Register now for LabWeek23

Get ready for an extraordinary week of innovation and collaboration at LabWeek23, Protocol Labs’ annual decentralized global conference. It features several days of curated events, all organized by the visionary teams in the Protocol Labs Network to advance our mission — to drive breakthroughs in computing to push humanity forward. Join us November 13-17th in Istanbul as we invite builders, thinkers, innovators and leaders to share research and participate in a dynamic program of engineering workshops, summits, tracks and conversations. Let’s shape the future together!

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