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Messari’s State of Filecoin Q3 2023 Report is now live

In its latest report, Messari breaks down the current state of Filecoin - here are some highlights! In Q3 2023, Filecoin witnessed a 45% surge in storage demand, reaching 1,381 PiB in active storage deals, indicating strong interest in decentralized storage. Storage utilization also grew from 7.6% to 12.6% due to increased deals and reduced capacity. Filecoin attracted Web2 clients for cost-effective archival data storage, with 1,891 clients, including major institutions and Web3 platforms. The Retrieval Market, supported by Project Saturn, operates with over 1,800 geographically distributed nodes. Additionally, Filecoin’s DeFi sector gained momentum, with smart contract-based lending and staking apps, attracting 2,900 stakers and $30 million in deposits in Q3, signaling a promising future for DeFi on the Filecoin network. Want to dive deeper? Read the full report.


MIT Open Learning will upload OpenCourseWare to the Filecoin Network

Last week, MIT Open Learning announced it will start uploading OpenCourseWare (OCW) materials to the Filecoin network. In collaboration with Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web (FFDW), Open Learning will explore how DWeb technologies can support preservation and distribution of education materials. OCW offers free, accessible web-based materials from more than 2,500 MIT courses, and these materials have reached more than 500 million people worldwide since the program’s launch in 2002. Learn more.

Filecoin Tokenomics

In just three years, Filecoin has grown to become the largest decentralized storage network in the world. This growth is based largely on robust tokenomics that incentivize participation from the Filecoin community - an interconnected network of Storage Clients, Developers, Storage Providers (SP’s), Ecosystem Partners, and Token Holders. Get your Filecoin tokenomics overview in the latest video from the FilecoinTLDR team.


Join the Web3 Economy with Station

The Station Network, which allows developers to deploy code to a global, decentralized worker network running on home computers, is rolling out incentives for node operators at LabWeek! As a node operator, you’ll get paid to contribute your personal machine to the Filecoin economy, and early adopters can expect some additional perks! Download Station today or learn more at


Watch what happened in Vegas - DeStor Global Storage Provider Summit

Catch up on all of the talks from the Summit including workshop & mainstage presentations from organizations like SteelDome, Fluence Labs and Learn about new Filecoin data onboarding tools like the DeStor REST API and Spade. And discover how the Decentralized Storage Alliance is expanding enterprise adoption of Filecoin.

FIL Bangalore 2023

Last November, the Huddle01 team brought together Filecoin community members from across the globe in Bangalore. The event was a major success and they’re ready to do it again in 2023! To participate or sponsor, fill out this form so you can help bring the event to life.

Pragma Istanbul

We’re thrilled to be part of ETHGlobal Pragma Istanbul in collaboration with ETHGlobal. Join us on November 17-19th for this half-day summit, where you can connect with industry leaders and explore the future. Register now - your ticket includes: full access to all talks, interviews, and panels; official event swag; free beverages and bites; and a chance to network and connect with speakers & attendees.

LabWeek23 is right around the corner

LabWeek23 is less than two weeks away, but there’s still time to register for events, like PL Summit 23 and the LW23 Opening Party, which will help kick off the week in style.

PL Summit at the Swissôtel the Bosphorous on Nov. 13 is open to anyone looking to explore the future of Protocol Labs, learn more about the progress and impact being made by network teams, and prepare for a fun-filled week of learning, collaboration, and connection.

After the PL Summit ends, there will be shuttles running from Swissôtel to the Opening Party at the Esme Sultan, a beautiful venue on the edge of the Bosphorous. These two events are only the beginning of a jam-packed week full of events, organized by domain leaders and experts in the emerging fields of zero-knowledge proofs, decentralized storage, public goods funding, Web3 games, and more! Register now for PL Summit 23 and the Opening Party - see you there!

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