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Filecoin News 78


Achieving Breakthrough Scalability with InterPlanetary Consensus (IPC)

Meet InterPlanetary Consensus (IPC), a revolutionary blockchain technology from the minds behind Filecoin and IPFS, designed to bring planetary-scale performance to web3. IPC unlocks a new era of web3 scaling and flexibility for builders. With IPC, decentralized applications can reach planetary scale through recursively scalable subnets, sub-second transactions, robust compute workloads, and highly adaptable WebAssembly runtimes tailored to developer requirements.

IPC allows the creation of flexible, dynamic networks of customizable sidechains or “subnets”, which can achieve massive scaling by running parallel chains that interoperate with one another. It also empowers developers to bring compute onto the Filecoin network. Learn more in this blog post

Interested in some hands-on learning with IPC? If you’re heading to Istanbul for DevConnect Istanbul or LabWeek23, stop by the IPC event “Breakthrough Scaling with InterPlanetary Consensus” on November 16th to hear from the IPC builders - register now!


Build with us at ETHIndia

Embark on a journey with the Filecoin community on December 8-10th at ETHIndia, the world’s largest Ethereum hackathon, where innovation thrives, collaboration knows no bounds, and hierarchies fade into self-sovereign ownership. It’s a place where the leading minds in the Ethereum ecosystem are uniting with 1500+ builders from around the globe to build decentralized applications for the future. Apply now!

Blockworks Op-Ed: “We need to decentralize science”

In this recent Blockworks Op-Ed, Dr. Philipp Koellinger of DeSci Labs writes about several landmark studies and significant scientific discoveries that are based on false, plagiarized or manipulated data. He explains how the emergence of web3 technology provides a compelling technical solution to the problem of siloed data systems; “Content-addressed storage tools like IPFS and Filecoin enable scientists to redesign data storage and accessibility in ways Web2 can’t, ensuring data integrity within the FAIR principles (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable)”. Read the entire article.


Station launches payments to nodes

The Station Network has begun payments to node operators! Station allows anyone to join the Web3 economy by putting idle hardware resources to work in exchange for tokens, giving builders a deployment target of a global worker network. Earning FIL through Station is as easy as downloading a desktop app - try it today!


LabWeek23 is underway! 

LabWeek23, a decentralized conference by Protocol Labs, officially kicked off yesterday with an amazing opening party and some community satellite events. If you’re in Istanbul, please check out the schedule to take a look at the three days of events still ahead. Here’s a sneak peek: 

  • DeFi Leasing and Staking on Filecoin, November 15
  • The Future Of Fvm In Web3 Carnival Night, November 15
  • Funding the Commons Pop-Up @ Schelling Point, November 16
  • IPC: Breakthrough Scaling with InterPlanetary Consensus, November 16
  • Hackathon: The Future of Blockchain Programming, November 18

Pragma Istanbul

We’re thrilled to be part of ETHGlobal Pragma Istanbul in collaboration with ETHGlobal. Join us on November 17-19th for this half-day summit, where you can connect with industry leaders and explore the future. Register now - your ticket includes: full access to all talks, interviews, and panels; official event swag; free beverages and bites; and a chance to network and connect with speakers & attendees.


FILBangalore is the Indian edition of Filecoin’s global event series, organized by Huddle01, that unites the leading web3 companies, projects, investors, developers, and experts under one roof to realize our shared dream of a decentralized future. FILBangalore 2022 was an outstanding success with 2000+ attendees and 25+ global partners, and a lot of insightful keynotes, panels and workshops. This year, Huddle01 plans to make FILBangalore 2023 - even bigger and better with a more exciting lineup and partners, and tons of opportunities and value for the attendees. Join us on December 3-4th at the Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel & Convention Center - register now.

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