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Filecoin Network Version 21 Watermelon Upgrade

The Filecoin Mainnet will be performing a Network Upgrade to v21, codenamed Watermelon, at epoch 3469380 around 2023-12-12T13:30:00Z. This upgrade delivers ‘juicy’ features and enhancements for SP’s operations and FVM, and protocol bug fixes.

Given this upgrade introduces many state changes for the network, state migration may take slightly longer than former upgrades. Therefore, node operators may expect slower block validation times, increased CPU and memory usage, and longer delays for API queries during pre-migration/migration base on the implementation that node operator is using, the size of the states stored in block store, and the hardware spec that’s running. Please see the implementation release notes for more details.

That being said, core devs are NOT expecting any network disruptions. Nevertheless, we’d like to proactively schedule a longer than usual maintenance window, and kindly ask the Filecoin community to join us as we monitor the network post-upgrade and let the implementers know if you have any questions. Please see the community announcement for more information.


Forest: Unlocking Data Accessibility on the Filecoin Network

​​Forest is enhancing Filecoin data storage! Forest, an alternative Filecoin client built by ChainSafe (with support from Protocol Labs), is pioneering data accessibility with its latest features. With a blockchain copy that’s half the size & innovative snapshot features, we’re setting new standards. Dive into this blog post for a full Forest update.

What’s New with the Filecoin Plus Notary Election and Other Filecoin Day Highlights

Filecoin Plus Day during LabWeek23 showcased the revamped V5 Notary election cycle, zeroing in on Notary Allocator pathways. The changes aim to boost transparency, efficiency, and community engagement in the Filecoin Plus program.

Also during LabWeek23, Filecoin Day featured updates from Filecoin Foundation (FF) and Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web (FFDW), discussed the intersection of artificial intelligence and decentralized storage, and more. Check out the rundown and watch the videos.

Build with us at ETHIndia

Embark on a journey with the Filecoin community on December 8-10th at ETHIndia, the world’s largest Ethereum hackathon, where innovation thrives, collaboration knows no bounds, and hierarchies fade into self-sovereign ownership. It’s a place where the leading minds in the Ethereum ecosystem are uniting with 1500+ builders from around the globe to build decentralized applications for the future. Apply now!

Retrieving Memories from the FIL Dev Summit

In case you missed it, incentivizing Filecoin retrievals was a topic of significant excitement at the FIL Dev Summit. Learn how the Filecoin community is making retrievals more reliable, plus more in this blog post recapping some of the talks from the event.


Banyan’s Beta is now live

Banyan, a unified backup storage and file-sharing solution that is trusted by Protocol Labs and other notable web3 projects, has officially launched their Beta. Banyan is bringing Filecoin to enterprises by addressing some critical gaps around usability and trust in B2B storage. Learn more in this presentation from Claudia Richoux, the CEO of Banyan, or get started on Beta now!


Registrations are now open for FILBangalore, Dec 3-4

FILBangalore is the Indian edition of Filecoin’s global event series, organized by Huddle01, that unites the leading web3 companies, projects, investors, developers, and experts under one roof to realize our shared dream of a decentralized future. FILBangalore 2022 was an outstanding success with 2000+ attendees and 25+ global partners, and a lot of insightful keynotes, panels and workshops. This year, Huddle01 plans to make FILBangalore 2023 - even bigger and better with a more exciting lineup and partners, and tons of opportunities and value for the attendees. Join us on December 3-4th at the Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel & Convention Center - register now.

​​The Filecoin Sanctuary at Davos 2024

Headed to Davos? Join us on January 15-18, 2024 at the Filecoin Sanctuary. Hosted by Filecoin Foundation and brought to you by CNBC, this remarkable venue embodies the spirit of Davos as both timeless and progressive, offering an opportunity to catalyze change together with some of the greatest thinkers and doers of our time. If you’re interested in hosting a reception, participating in the on-stage debate, or exploring compelling branding possibilities, please complete the sponsorship form and the Filecoin Foundation team will be in touch. Register now!

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