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Electric Capital’s Annual Developer Report - Filecoin Edition

Electric Capital is about to unveil its annual developer report, a pivotal insight into Web3 ecosystems’ developer activity. To ensure an accurate portrayal of the Filecoin ecosystem, we’re urging all builders and projects to verify their Github repositories on two comprehensive lists:

If your projects aren’t listed, please submit a pull request directly under Filecoin in the Open-Source taxonomy. Please act promptly, as Electric Capital is compiling the report this month. Your participation ensures the report accurately reflects our thriving community. Thank you for your commitment to Filecoin’s continued success!

The Filecoin Watermelon upgrade has been completed successfully!

The Filecoin Watermelon upgrade has been successfully completed and the network is smoothly running network version 21. We will continue to monitor for any instability and troubleshoot individual issues with users, but the maintenance window can be considered closed. ICYMI: this network upgrade delivers a handful of protocol enhancement and optimization, new features to ease storage provider operations, and FVM improvements. Please see the community announcement for more information.


Bridging Decentralized Storage with Filecoin and Swan Multi-Chain Storage

Multi-Chain Storage recently announced an integration with Filecoin, utilizing it as an archival layer to securely back up critical data across multiple Filecoin nodes. Acting as a decentralized storage gateway, Multi-Chain Storage simplifies interaction with Filecoin’s storage network through a user-friendly interface, empowering users to effortlessly upload, store, and retrieve data without deep technical expertise. This collaboration offers key benefits, including cross-chain compatibility, enhanced security through Filecoin’s distributed storage architecture, global data persistence across multiple nodes, and flexible payment options allowing users to pay for Filecoin storage with various tokens such as MATIC, USDC, and ETH, enhancing flexibility and convenience in decentralized storage solutions. Learn more!

Orbit Year in Review: Growing a Global Community of Builders

This year, the Filecoin Orbit program helped seed a new crop of thousands of builders in the Filecoin ecosystem. Filecoin Foundation’s community program is a group of volunteer ambassadors who host Filecoin workshops and hackathons, publish educational Filecoin articles and videos, and build on Filecoin. Since the program’s launch, 147 Orbit Ambassadors have introduced an estimated 10,000 early-career developers, students, and enthusiasts to the Filecoin ecosystem through 190 workshops and community hackathons in over 40 countries. Dive into the Orbit community in this blog post

U.S. Navy Chooses Bacalhau to Manage Predictive Maintenance Workloads

The U.S. Navy has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative, adopting Bacalhau open-source software, supported by Expanso, as a pivotal solution for deploying artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in undersea operations. This lighthouse project addresses the challenges of integrating AI in harsh deep ocean conditions, showcasing Bacalhau’s innovative approach to on-device data processing and seamless edge deployment. Partnering with Mycelial, Expanso overcame obstacles to enable AI-enabled analytics on Unmanned Undersea Vessels (UUVs) and Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs). Bacalhau’s role in the Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) program, with its ability to deploy complex models, maintain observability, and update versions reliably, sets a new standard for AI in naval operations. Bacalhau’s platform, designed for minimal infrastructure and maximum protection, ensures efficient data processing and security, marking a significant stride in AI integration for undersea naval operations. Read more!


An Already Busy Month of Hackathons and Dev Events

India recently witnessed a surge of enthusiasm and innovation in the blockchain space with two major events. The week kicked off with FILBangalore hosted by Huddle01 on December 3-4th, boasting an impressive turnout of 1,500+ attendees, featuring 50+ speakers across eight diverse tracks including IPFS, Filecoin, FVM, libp2p, IPC, startups, SPs, and PGF. The event also included a surprise virtual keynote by Balaji. Closing the series, ETHIndia from December 8-10th emerged as the largest Ethereum Hackathon ever run, attracting over 2,000 hackers and receiving 150+ submissions for the Filecoin projects track. Notable winners included RIFIL, Phoenix.FI, and SlicePay, showcasing innovative applications of IPC and FVM, with an additional 12 pool prize winners contributing to the event’s vibrant success. Additionally, Pragma in Istanbul, on December 7th witnessed a strong presence from Protocol Labs with an ETHGlobal fireside featuring Juan Benet and a panel moderated by Molly Mackinlay highlighting project founders from Tachyon cohort 1 (who collectively raised $56 million!) - Huddle01, Powerloom, and Secured Finance. The event hosted 1,350 hackers, 70 submissions to the Filecoin projects track, three grand prize winners, and 10 pool prize winners. What a way to round out the year! 

Top 3 Highlights from Filecoin LabWeek23 Istanbul

The Filecoin TL;DR team recently attended LabWeek23 in Istanbul, a gathering where over 65 teams participated in 40 events to discuss critical updates on Filecoin’s roadmap and they wrote a blog post highlighting three key projects featured in Istanbul: InterPlanetary Consensus (IPC), Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM), as well as a few new projects. Here’s the TL;DR: 

  • IPC, launched as a testnet in 2022, aims to achieve planetary-level scalability through subnets, offering advantages like Web-2 level speed and modular customization.
  • FVM, introduced in March, has driven Filecoin’s DeFi growth by enabling smart contracts, with over 200 teams building on it.
  • Noteworthy projects from LabWeek include DeStor REST API, SPARK for reliable retrievals, and Lilypad Network for distributed compute.

The blog concludes that progress in FVM, IPC, and Filecoin tooling is crucial for unlocking phases 2 and 3 of the Filecoin Masterplan, and LabWeek23 has set the stage for upcoming network milestones in 2024. Read the full post

FIL Dev Iceland Track Recap: From Click to PiB, Scaling Enterprise Data

The Filecoin ecosystem has onboarded over 1.8 exbibytes (EiB) of data! That’s like storing the digital collection of the Library of Congress 100+ times. Learn how teams at FIL Dev Summit are scaling data onboarding to support new enterprise clients in this article.

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