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Filecoin News 83

✨ Highlights ✨

Empowering Decentralization: Solana’s Integration with Filecoin

The Filecoin ecosystem has begun an effort to store Solana chain’s historical data onto the network. This strategic collaboration is being driven by the Triton One and DCENT teams. The effort ensures that Solana’s block history and ledger is stored on a leading decentralized storage network, in turn also making the data accessible to various stakeholders such as infrastructure providers, explorers, indexers and more. Crucially, this collaboration showcases the power of blockchain networks to create more robust and resilient ecosystems for the benefit of users and developers. We look forward to updating the community as this effort progresses.

Five Filecoin Bounties with $24k in Prizes Available at ETHDenver’s #BUIDLWEEK

We’re excited to announce a series of five groundbreaking Filecoin bounties at this year’s ETHDenver #BUIDLWEEK! These challenges are designed to push the boundaries of decentralized storage and computation, offering developers early access to cutting-edge technologies and the opportunity to shape the future of the decentralized web. Here are the details of each bounty:

  1. Scaling with Interplanetary Consensus - Most Meaningful Deployment: Create a dApp on a custom purpose subnet utilizing InterPlanetary Consensus (IPC) and General Message Passing (GMP) for early developer access.
  2. Compute with Interplanetary Consensus: Best Deployment to IPC-Powered Testnets for Computation Use Cases: Use an IPC-powered subnet for executing computation tasks, focusing on practical computation applications.
  3. Scaling with Interplanetary Consensus – Best Use of Custom Syscalls or Built-in Actors to Extend the Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM): Use IPC to deploy a custom subnet and develop functionality beyond what’s possible with Solidity, utilizing custom syscalls and Rust built-in actors.
  4. Build an App to Track & Reward the Activities of the Ambassadors of the Filecoin Orbit Program: Develop an app on Filecoin & FVM that tracks and rewards Filecoin Orbit Volunteer Ambassador activities with NFT “achievements” and ERC20 token reward points.
  5. Most Impactful DApp-Tooling Built with the Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM) on Filecoin: Build solutions/tooling on the FVM for Filecoin’s testnets to enhance the Filecoin storage marketplace and its ecosystem, using FVM data management features and 3rd party integrations.

Join us at ETHDenver #BUIDLWEEK to leverage these exciting opportunities. Whether you’re a developer looking to explore new technologies or a visionary aiming to make a mark on the decentralized world, these bounties provide a platform to showcase your skills, innovate, and potentially transform the future of decentralized storage.

🤝 Community Updates 🤝

The Data Economy Hackathon kicks off this week

The Data Economy Hackathon kicked off on February 20th with a summit full of deep dives and workshops brought to you by the event sponsors. Imagined by PL Architect in collaboration with Filecoin and InterPlanetary Consensus (IPC), this hackathon is rallying developers from Asia and across the globe to explore and build on the Protocol Labs Ecosystem tech stack. ICYMI, catch the IPC and FVM workshops happening on February 21st:

Builder’s Guide to Filecoin Virtual Machine Development Recipes with Robert Dowling, 10:15am EST

🎉 Events 🎉 

The schedule for FIL Dev Summit Denver is now live!

We are thrilled to announce that the schedule for the FIL Dev Summit Denver is officially live! This year’s summit is packed with a diverse range of sessions that cater to every aspect of Filecoin development and innovation. Highlights include deep dives into smart contract development on the Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM), dApp storage on Filecoin, and the latest advancements in cross-chain interoperability. We’ll also be joined by ecosystem experts like Evgeny Ponomarev of Fluence, Dan Mills of Avail DA, and more!  Whether you’re a seasoned dev or new to the decentralized web, the FIL Dev Summit offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn from the experts, network with like-minded individuals, and explore the cutting-edge of blockchain technology. Explore the full schedule and start planning your summit experience today by visiting the FIL Dev Summit Denver Schedule. Join us for this dynamic event where innovation meets community, and be a part of shaping the future of the decentralized web. Register now

Filecoin Booth Talks and Demos Schedule at ETH Denver

Filecoin Foundation is hosting a Filecoin booth (#204) with talks and demos at ETH Denver in Devtopia. Topics include fighting AI-generated media with ZK Rollups, crash courses to start with IPC and FVM, decentralized compute, and much more. Check out the schedule of talks and demos starting February 29th.

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