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Filecoin News 85

✨ Highlights ✨

Network Upgrade v1.26.2 Postponed

Due to recent events, the upcoming Filecoin network upgrade v1.26.2 has been postponed to April 24, 2024, at epoch 3855360. This adjustment provides a necessary grace period for the Filecoin community to manage any uncertainties and update their nodes accordingly. Please ensure your nodes are upgraded to Lotus v1.26.2 if they are not already. Please read the release notes for more information. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we navigate these changes together.

🤝 Community Updates 🤝

Celebrating Innovation and Community at NFT.Storage’s Landmark Event

Last week, NFT.Storage marked a new era with a monumental event co-hosted with IPFS at the Museum of Modern Art PS1 in New York City. Alongside the celebration, the team introduced a pivotal upgrade to our platform and launched the NFT.Storage DAO, stepping towards a more community-driven future. Discover how this evolution aims to empower the NFT community and enhance the preservation of digital arts. Read the full story on the NFT.Storage blog and see how you can become part of this exciting journey by joining the NFT.Storage DAO here.

The Decentralized Storage Alliance (DSA) Announces Leap Forward in ZK Proof Computation

The DSA recently announced a leap forward in zk proof computation on the Filecoin network. DSA released cryptographic processing improvements that improve zero-knowledge proof (zk proofs) processing within the Filecoin proving process. These advances optimize several key steps in the proof process via CPU and GPU optimizations. The result is an 80% reduction in cost and latency for proof generation – saving storage providers money, and increasing flexibility in how they use their hardware. Both Filecoin Foundation and Protocol Labs are founding members of DSA.

Preserving Aruba’s Heritage: The Internet Archive Hosts the Aruba Collection on Filecoin Network

Internet Archive is hosting the Aruba Collection, preserving documents from the Aruba National Library, National Archives, and more! For years, Aruba’s memory institutions have been digitizing historical materials. Now, with the help of Internet Archive, the Aruba Collection is available to anyone, anywhere. The collection is being uploaded to the Filecoin network for long-term preservation as an additional layer of protection, thanks to a longstanding relationship between the Internet Archive and Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web (FFDW).

Unveiling FIL-RetroPGF-1: Retroactively Funding Filecoin Public Goods

The Filecoin community recently launched FIL-RetroPGF-1, a new initiative to retroactively fund public goods that contribute to the Filecoin network, distributing 200,000 FIL in its first round. This program aims to support projects that have already demonstrated impactful contributions, covering areas like infrastructure, tooling, education, and more. The funding approach is inspired by Optimism’s model of retroactive public goods funding, focusing on rewarding impact rather than potential. The program will consist of two rounds per year, involving a community-driven process where projects are nominated, voted on, and funded based on their proven benefits to the ecosystem. This move is set to enhance the sustainability and evolution of the Filecoin network by acknowledging and incentivizing significant community contributions. Have a project you’d like to nominate? You can do so on Github here.

🛠️ Tools 🛠️

Unleashing the Power of Decentralized Compute with Filecoin

As the demand for computing power continues to grow, decentralized compute presents a compelling alternative to traditional centralized models. By harnessing the power of global networks and leveraging the capabilities of tools like Filecoin, we can unlock new frontiers of innovation and foster a more open, resilient, and democratized computing ecosystem. Learn more about decentralized compute and the teams in the Filecoin ecosystem working to solve today’s computing challenges.

🎉 Events 🎉

ICYMI: FIL Dev Summit Denver Recaps

  • The “Filecoin 101 / Welcome to Filecoin” track offered an immersive introduction to the world of Filecoin. Designed for both newcomers and seasoned community members, the track dived deep on the core principles, technological underpinnings, and transformative potential of Filecoin. Attendees gained a thorough understanding of Filecoin’s role in decentralized storage, insights into its developmental trajectory, and inspiration to contribute to its thriving ecosystem. Catch up in this blog post.
  • The “Smart Storage and dApps” track featured discussions on the current state of the art of programmable storage and decentralized applications (dApps) on Filecoin and future innovations to come with hot/fast storage layers for Filecoin. Catch up on key takeaways and recordings here.
  • The “Decentralized Compute and Storage” track highlighted the growing importance of decentralized compute and storage, particularly in the realms of AI applications and DePIN initiatives. Discussions centered on integrating these technologies to enhance Filecoin’s infrastructure and improve data onboarding and storage capabilities, with significant input from the Decentralized Storage Alliance (DSA) on future development directions. Dive deeper by watching the recordings and reading up on the key takeaways in this post.
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