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Filecoin News 87

✨ Highlights ✨

Celebrating Filecoin Public Goods

The Filecoin protocol and its underlying technology are critical public goods that thousands of stakeholders rely on around the world. In this article, we celebrate 10+ teams committed to the decentralization and preservation of public goods tools & infrastructure, the new FIL RetroPGF program rewarding new public goods contributions, and the ongoing commitment from major Filecoin supporters towards advancing the growth of public goods in the Filecoin Ecosystem. Dive in.

Introducing Curio: A Lotus-Miner Replacement for Filecoin Storage Providers

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Curio Storage, a new venture born from the combined expertise of the Lotus-Miner and Boost teams! Curio is designed to be a superior replacement for the Lotus-Miner, offering significant improvements in system redundancy, simplicity, scalability, and overall performance. It’s never been easier for a data center to be a Filecoin Storage Provider (SP) than with Curio, which takes care of the responsibilities of reliable SP storage proving & sealing with minimal operations time. Learn how Curio works or try it for yourself!

🤝 Community Updates 🤝

Nodle Integrates Filecoin to Democratize Media

Nodle’s Click camera app, a smartphone app that empowers users to authenticate media content using blockchain technology easily, has integrated with Filecoin to enhance its data storage infrastructure’s security and reliability. Nodle aims to ensure media authenticity in an era of rampant misinformation and the proliferation of AI-generated content. Learn more.

Ethers v5 and Colossal Gas Overspending

Uncover the startling cost disparity in smart contract calls with the popular JavaScript library, Ethers v5. Astonishingly, this library can cause FVM smart contract executions to overpay by up to 6000 times, turning a nominal fee of 0.0003 FIL into a staggering 2+ FIL per transaction. This blog delves into the root causes of this exorbitant overspending and provides essential guidance on how to sidestep this costly pitfall. Read it!

Solana’s Filecoin Integration, Ethos, and DePIN with Austin Federa

In this recent episode of DWeb Decoded, Aaron Stanley interviews Austin Federa, the Head of Strategy at The Solana Foundation. They discuss Solana’s Filecoin integration, the concept of DePIN and its importance in the Solana ecosystem, Solana’s performance and architectural decisions, and the upcoming Fire Dancer upgrade. Watch the full episode!

🛠️ Tools 🛠️

How SPARK Samples Filecoin Deals

The Spark protocol serves a vital role in ensuring the accessibility of public content stored on Filecoin. To achieve this, it’s crucial to identify which Filecoin deals are responsible for storing data intended for public availability through FIL+ LDN. In this blog, we’ll delve into the intricate process of how Spark successfully tracks and verifies these critical data stores.

🎉 Events 🎉

HackFS is back! Build the decentralized web with us.

HackFS goes v5.0! Build the decentralized web from May 17-June 7. Compete for over $150k in prizes and $500k in startup accelerator funding. Former projects Huddle01, Powerloom, Secured Finance and more have gone on to raise tens of millions in VC. Get access to OGs in AMAs, workshops, & the best mentors in web3. Apply now.

FIL Dev Summit Brussels - 10 Days Left to Grab Your Early Bird Ticket

Join us at the upcoming FIL Dev Summit, set for July 9-11, 2024, in the heart of Brussels at the Radisson, Grand Place. This vital summit brings together developers, innovators, and enthusiasts from the Filecoin community to dive deep into the future of decentralized storage technology. Whether you’re looking to enhance your technical skills, contribute to the Filecoin protocol, or engage in transformative discussions, FDS is your gateway to advancing the blockchain frontier. A select number of early bird tickets are available for just $99 now through May 24th, grab yours now! Plus check out the event website for a peek at the schedule. 

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