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Filecoin News 88

✨ Highlights ✨

Filecoin has integrated Squid

Squid Router has officially enabled Filecoin support via the Axelar Network. This new integration means users can now seamlessly swap to and from Filecoin, enjoy faster load times, and have unlimited access across multiple chains. Experience the enhanced functionality and efficiency for yourself by visiting the Squid Router app.

The results for FIL-RetroPGF-1 are in

A big thank you to Titannet DAO, Web3mine, FilFoundation, and Protocol Labs for their generous donations. The winners are making significant strides in the Filecoin ecosystem. Topping the list is Glif Nodes RPC API service by Protofire, followed by Lotus Dependencies and Drand’s verifiable randomness. Lighthouse Web3 and Filecoin Orbit Ambassadors round out the top five. Check out the full list of recipients and read more details in the CryptoEconLab blog post. Stay tuned for updates on FIL-RetroPGF-2!

Charting Success for Filecoin in 2024

According to Filecoin TL;DR, Filecoin is poised for a transformative year in 2024, focusing on three key areas:

  1. Accelerating conversions to paid deals.
  2. Growing on-chain activity.
  3. Making Filecoin indispensable to other networks.

By enhancing its storage services, driving adoption of new markets like compute and AI, and fostering high-profile integrations, Filecoin aims to solidify its position as a leader in decentralized technology. This strategic approach not only boosts the ecosystem’s cash flow but also expands its utility beyond mere storage, creating a robust economy of programmable services and DeFi applications. Dive deeper into Filecoin’s 2024 roadmap and discover how these initiatives will shape the future of decentralized storage in this blog post

🤝 Community Updates 🤝

Call for Community Submissions

Are you developing on Filecoin and eager to share your progress with a wider audience? Have an exciting update, call to action, or story to include in the Filecoin newsletter? Submit your update here for a chance to be featured in upcoming editions of Filecoin News or on the Filecoin Twitter handle. This is a great opportunity to highlight your work and connect with the broader Filecoin community. Share your achievements and contribute to the growth of the Filecoin ecosystem!

Call for Allocators from Fil+

The Fil+ governance team is seeking dedicated and innovative teams to join as allocators. Their goal is to develop systems that ensure novel, transparent, and fair distribution of DataCap. They welcome proposals and ideas, and also have some concepts to share. Interested in getting involved? Join the #fil-plus Slack channel for updates and detailed information on the application process to become part of this transformative initiative. Also, follow along on the Allocators blog

Glif Nodes RPC earns top place in Fil-RetroPGF

​​Serving an average of 3 billion Filecoin RPC requests per month, Glif Nodes RPC is the leading RPC provider for the Filecoin network and has earned top place in the Fil-RetroPGF! Thanks to the Protofire team for running Glif Nodes RPC and being a great Filecoin community collaborator.

🛠️ Tools 🛠️

Introducing Basin: The First Data L2 Built on Filecoin

Basin is the pioneering L2 solution built on the Filecoin network, designed to enhance decentralized data storage and management. By leveraging Filecoin’s robust infrastructure, Basin enables scalable, efficient, and cost-effective data operations. It offers advanced features for developers and enterprises to seamlessly integrate decentralized storage into their applications. With Basin, users can experience improved performance, lower costs, and enhanced security for their data-driven projects. Discover more about Basin’s capabilities and how it can transform your data management needs at

🎉 Events 🎉

Filecoin at Consensus 2024

Join the Filecoin community at Consensus 2024 from May 29-31 in Austin! Visit the Filecoin Booth (1254) to learn how the network supports decentralized AI, compute, and DePIN. Key talks include:

  • May 29, 11 AM: Porter Stowell on Data as an Asset Class
  • May 30, 11 AM: Felicia Deng on Empowering Web3 and AI
  • May 30, 12 PM: Ron Bodkin on Decentralized AI Agents
  • May 30, 3 PM: Clara Tsao on the 2024 Filecoin Roadmap

Don’t miss Marta Belcher at the Town Square Stage on May 29 at 12:15 PM, and join the BBQ and networking event on May 30. See you in Austin!

FIL Dev Summit Brussels

Join us at the FIL Dev Summit from July 9-11, 2024, in Brussels at the Radisson, Grand Place. This summit brings together developers, innovators, and enthusiasts from the Filecoin community to explore the future of decentralized storage technology. Enhance your technical skills, contribute to the Filecoin protocol, and engage in transformative discussions. Check out the event website for the schedule and more details. See you in Brussels!

FilOz Protocol Day - Data Onramp

The latest FilOz Protocol Day meeting on May 23, 2024, focused on “Data Onramp,” covering various projects, including FilOz, Basin and Lighthouse Storage. Key discussions centered on onchain data onramps using technologies like FVM-based smart contracts/bridges and also included:

  • Technical challenges like IPLDification, CARification, and PieceCID calculation.
  • Debates on using oracles versus bridges for data handling.
  • Ensuring stable pricing and reliable data storage.
  • Review of Nicola’s (FilOz) comprehensive architecture plan for future system development, which aims to enhance scalability, performance, and integration capabilities.

Key takeaways emphasized efficiency, trust through client-side processing, a flexible yet decentralized architecture, and a strong focus on user needs. The meeting highlighted collaborative problem-solving and a commitment to refining the system to meet future challenges. Check out the full meeting recording here

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