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Filecoin Project Gravity, a Sales Referral Program

Today, Protocol Labs is announcing a temporary referral fee program to community members who bring large datasets onto the Filecoin network. Invite your customers and help create the data gravity pull!

Data gravity is real

Earth’s acceleration of gravity is ~9.81m/s^2, or in other words, an object falling freely will accelerate by about 9.81 meters per second every single second. In a similar way, the larger the datasets, the faster other and smaller data sets will gravitate towards it, also referred to as data gravity. So help us make data gravity work and bring your customer’s large datasets to the Filecoin network and get a referral fee paid!

10EiB in ten months

The Filecoin network reached 10EiB in August, which no other useful distributed storage stack has ever accomplished in such a short time. The combination of a clear vision, a solid technology stack, and thoughtfully-aligned incentive programs have helped raise Filecoin to the top. There are currently more than 3,000 Filecoin systems and storage providers in more than 44 countries serving capacity to a vast ecosystem of 400+ applications and thousands of developers.

The program

This is a limited time referral promo that incentivizes any community member to bring forward a prospective client of a certain size. The referral fee is awarded to an individual or organization that registers and ensures a customer commitment to start a Filecoin POC (Proof of Concept).

This program is active now and has a registration referral deadline of October 1, 2022.

Award amounts

  • Earn 100FIL for a 100TiB+ dataset
  • Earn 500FIL for a 1PiB+ dataset

*The prices of blockchain assets can be volatile. The value of the award will be affected by the price of FIL at the time of the FIL transfer. You can refer to the current price of FIL.

Who can participate?

Anyone who wants to participate can bring a customer to the table and register a deal through the lead registration form. Only registered deals will be taken into account.

What kind of data sets are we looking for?

  • To be eligible, the minimum POC capacity is a 100TiB
  • Data should be static and infrequently accessed
  • Data should not require encryption
  • Dataset needs to have “public good” characteristics — have social justice, life sciences, environmental or cultural heritage value (e.g., climate change, scientific research datasets, museum or art collection archives)

What are the award conditions?

  • The referrer needs to submit the proposed organization through the registration form
  • The customer or use case should be net new to the community
  • The customer agrees to be showcased as a Filecoin user and collaborate on marketing and PR efforts
  • POC is officially initiated when the first sector is sealed
  • POC needs to be initiated before October 1, 2022 and a clear POC plan needs to be defined
  • A referrer can be eligible for multiple rewards (one reward per client referred)

What is the referrer responsible for?

  • Submitting this registration form (following form submission, the Filecoin team will reach out to the referrer)
  • Making an introduction and setting up the initial meetings to connect the Filecoin working group organization with the prospective customer
  • Supporting the relationship and conversations between the Filecoin working group and the prospective customer until the POC agreement is reached and the program is kicked off
  • Once a mutual agreement has been reached and a POC is initiated, the referrer is eligible for the referral bonus


Nonprofit organizations that decide to onboard data onto Filecoin are also eligible for the referral bonus in the form of a grant.

Protocol Labs reserves the right to adjust or cancel this program at any time, and disclaims any duty or responsibility other than the payment of referral fees as set forth in this program description.

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