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Filecoin Quadratic Funding Grant Round-1 at DoraHacks

Protocol Labs is sponsoring a HackerLink Grant via DoraHacks to fund open source developer projects via donation, so that these projects can develop further into a startup in the Filecoin ecosystem.

DoraHacks is a decentralized global hacker community and hackathon organizer focusing on blockchain with the mission of connecting hackers around the world and helping them solve critical issues in different industries. DoraHacks has organized 100+ featured hackathons, witnessed the launch of 3000+ projects and connected 300000+ hackers from 40+ countries worldwide.

About the Filecoin Quadratic Funding Grant Round-1

Filecoin Quadratic Funding Grant Round-1 runs now until July 18, 2021. Developers participating in this round should submit projects in the ‘Submit BUIDL’ page and select “Filecoin Grant Round 1” as project source. Submitted projects will display on the round’s detail page, and a real-time community donation ranking will be available on the leaderboard. accepts following types of projects, projects should include the following elements:

IPFS & Filecoin for NFTs - Solve a problem that the NFT explosion brings - archiving or organizing collections, NFT backpacks or widgets or other ways to show off your collection, tools for valuation or provenance connections, tools for management and publishing.

Developer Tools - We live in a mostly HTTP world, and all our tools assume it’s the protocol we’ re using. We need you to build new tools for debugging, diagnosing, visualizing or otherwise aiding development with IPFS, Filecoin and libp2p. Anything that makes developers’ lives easier counts!

Decentralizing Data - We challenge you to find existing data and make it available on IPFS - map data, historical data, content archives, financial data. Included in this challenge is tooling - libraries for automatically publishing from existing HTTP datasources to IPFS, or managing updates to existing data, or tools for indexing, searching and managing large data sets.

While the event kicked off in May, the deadline for submissions is still open! Get all of the details on how you can participate.

DoraHacks kicked off with a series of workshops, if you missed them, catch up using the links below:

Introduction to Filecoin workshop with Jim Pick and Jimmy Lee

Preview project demos using IPFS and Filecoin

Primer Workshops

Primer Workshop Set 1

Part 1: More than just Storage, business opportunities on Filecoin with ZX Zhang

Part 2: An introduction to Filecoin clients and APIs to store your data with Aaron Sutula

Primer Workshop Set 2

Part 1: Minting NFTs from your browser with with Yusef Napora

Part 2: The Fleek Toolbox: Guide to Web3 Development on IPFS with Samuele Agostinelli

Apply to the Filecoin Grant and submit your project by July 18, 2021!

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