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Funding Opportunity for Public Goods in the Filecoin & IPFS Ecosystem

The Protocol Labs community has just announced a Gitcoin Grants Matching Round, happening June 8th through 23rd, to help fund public and network goods in the greater Protocol Labs (IPFS / Filecoin) ecosystem using Quadratic Funding.

Quadratic Funding (QF) is the mathematically optimal way to fund public goods in a democratic community. With QF the number of unique contributors matters more than the amount funded, giving power to the majority and not the wealthiest. QF has been established as a powerful mechanism to support open source, bootstrap ecosystems, and share resources in an egalitarian manner.

The Protocol Labs (IPFS / Filecoin) Ecosystem Round will run as part of Gitcoin Grants Round 14 and is open to all grantees who fit the eligibility guidelines linked in this brief. The matching pool will be $50,000 and paid out in DAI and only donations during this round will be counted towards the QF distribution of the matching funds.

The inspiration for this funding effort is the idea that storage on web3 can act as its own economy. The participants in this economy all benefit from the creation of public goods, commons, and other widely available infrastructure that support usage, in the same way that a country benefits from roads and a social safety net. Just as, with nation-states, it’s necessary for state or federal governments to support the construction of infrastructure for citizens to thrive, so protocols in web3 need to support the creation of digital infrastructure, for the sake of all citizens of web3. The Protocol Labs ecosystem is excited to see projects focusing on infrastructure related to web3 data, storage, and connectivity. Find the full details here or submit your project now and let others know about this funding opportunity.

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