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Introducing Filgram, the Newest SP Discovery Tool

Filgram has officially launched! This new tool will enable you to optimize marketing for your Storage Provider enterprise. Sign up here to claim your miner ID(s) and share more information about your SP operation.

Why was Filgram developed?

Storage Providers must make storage deals, and that’s a simple fact. Sometimes, however, it’s tricky to balance making storage deals or chasing down leads while also ensuring that you’re running the latest Filecoin software or you’re refining your latest hardware configurations. The Filecoin community knows that Storage Providers have a lot to deal with, which is why Filgram was created as a Storage Provider Discovery Tool in partnership with AltLabs.

What is Filgram?

Filgram is a tool that is built for and powered by Storage Providers. If anyone decides that they want to store data or find an SP on the Filecoin Network, they can head to to find a Storage Provider that fits both their needs and their data’s needs.

Filgram lets you compare and contrast Storage Providers on a wide range of facets such as location, storage power, number of deals made, and much more. Once the application gains more users, there will even be a customer review system where clients can rate SPs on a scale of one to five stars, based on their overall experience while working with the SP.

In order to make your SP operation stand out, head to Filgram to fill out additional information about your miner ID, such as your SP’s name, logo, email address, website, twitter handle, and all sorts of other information. You can even add a short description about your SP Enterprise to share detail and nuance behind your operation. Think of Filgram as the AirBnB for Storage Providers: the more information and descriptors you add about your SP enterprise, the more likely users will be able to find and utilize your services.

Filgram in the Future

In the future, the ability to make deals with SPs on Filgram, with just the click of a button, will be incorporated. Additionally, after gathering feedback from the SP community, it is likely that more features – such as certifications or qualifications – will be added to the SP information collected.

For now, however, please claim your miner ID(s) on Filgram and fill out the information today. If you have any questions about the product, please reach out on Filecoin Slack at #filgram.

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