IPFSUnion has announced an investment to build a large Industrial Park focused on Filecoin mining

IPFSUnion is a leading infrastructure provider for the blockchain industry, headquartered in China. IPFSUnion has long been a tremendous supporter of the IPFS mission and ecosystem, and has established deep economic ties with tech companies in Asia, including Alibaba, to support the growth of decentralized technologies. IPFSUnion has announced a large investment in a Filecoin mining facility as part of the Big Data Industrial Park. Upon completion, it will be the largest IPFS and Filecoin distributed storage infrastructure project in China. See below for an exclusive Q&A with their team.

Q: Who is IPFSUnion and what would you like the Filecoin community to know about you?

IPFSUnion is a leading distributed storage integrated service provider in the industry. Headquartered in Shanghai China, the core members of the team are from Microsoft, Alibaba, SAP, Huawei, SNDA, Giant Network, AMD, Inventec and other well-known enterprises. IPFSUnion has been deeply engaged in the field of cloud storage and Internet for more than ten years.

IPFSUnion has expertise in IDC room deployment, large-scale server cluster architecture design and operation and maintenance, software algorithm optimization and FPGA & ASIC chip development and other fields. Moreover, IPFSUnion has established deep strategic cooperation with Alibaba cloud, Kingsoft cloud, Qiniu cloud, H3C and other world-famous service providers, who are jointly committed to the commercial application of Filecoin storage. IPFSUnion has established a complete sales channel composed of hundreds of agents around the world, providing tens of thousands of users with the most cost-effective products and software services. At the same time, the technology reserve is open to all enterprise users who are committed to entering the field of Filecoin storage to jointly develop and build a trillions scale distributed storage industry ecology.

Q: How did you become involved in the web3 ecosystem?

The core ideas of Web3 are distributed technology and a trustworthy network environment, which return the ownership of data to users. IPFS is a decentralized communication protocol that aims to replace HTTP. P2P, encryption and other technologies used by IPFS can protect the data privacy in network communication. And its slicing storage and transmission technology, as well as redundant storage, are more able to resist natural disasters or being shut down artificially. Filecoin is a data storage market based on IPFS and blockchain technology, whose function of storage and retrieval not only protects the privacy of data and returns the ownership of data to individuals, but also protects the value of data and makes the owner get profit through data. It could be argued that both the technology used by IPFS and the functions that Filecoin can achieve perfectly fit what developers want to solve and use, and what Web3.0 needs most.

Q: How do you choose the projects that you work with? What do you look for?

We’ve been active in the blockchain space since 2016, primarily focussed on digital currency investment, but not really participating in development. We were looking for a project with both investment value and a mature ecosystem and Filecoin is that project.

Q: When did you first learn about Filecoin? What made you decide to participate in the Filecoin network?

We learned about the project when the Filecoin whitepaper was published in 2017, the reason we decided to participate in the Filecoin network is that we see the huge potential of distributed storage in the future.

Q: What are you working on with Filecoin?

IPFSUnion focuses on the research and development of blockchain technology, and aims to develop distributed storage applications and the ecosystem around Filecoin. IPFSUnion has solid technical capabilities and industry-leading advantages in software, hardware and operation and maintenance. As a member of the security research group, IPFSUnion actively provides strong technical support to the ecosystem. In addition, IPFSUnion also actively carries out offline education activities to further industry knowledge around Filecoin. IPFSUnion has also established in-depth strategic cooperation with Alibaba cloud, Qiniu cloud, Seagate, Western Digital, H3C and other industry giants, and has also carried out close cooperation with the government to build the strongest industrial ecology of distributed storage.

We’ve been watching closely since the creation of the Filecoin project in 2017, and set up IPFSUnion in 2019. Since the establishment of the company, IPFSUnion has been committed to promoting the development of the industry. In terms of operations, IPFSUnion will soon launch the Starpool cloud storage platform to help traditional industries store large amounts of industry data on the Filecoin network. In addition, the Big Data Industrial Park, jointly established by Jiangxi Fuzhou high tech Zone and IPFSUnion.

Q: This is an extremely exciting venture for the decentralized web, can you elaborate on the large scale investors that have committed to funding the Big Data Industrial Park?

Since 2020, China has clearly taken “new Infrastructure” as the driving force of future economic growth. As the underlying network technology support of “new infrastructure”, IPFS and Filecoin have built a solid underlying technology architecture for the digital economy era. It has become the general trend due to its technical characteristics such as permanence, deduplication, decentralization, peer to peer and so on.

IPFSUnion obtained nearly 100 million yuan of investment from the industrial fund of Fuzhou high tech zone in Jiangxi Province in December, 2020.

Jiangxi Big Data Industrial Park, jointly established with the Jiangxi government and IPFSUnion, is located in Fuzhou high tech Zone, Jiangxi Province. It is composed of two machine rooms with a construction area of over 100,000 square meters, two R&D buildings, and an expert building. It is estimated that the annual output of server production line will be 100,000 units after completion, and the machine room can accommodate 100,000-150,000 servers. After construction is completed, it will become the largest IPFS and Filecoin distributed storage Industrial Park in China.

Q: When will the industrial park be fully functional?

The Industrial Park is expected to complete the first phase of the project by the end of next year, with construction on subsequent phases continuing thereafter.

Q: What do you expect the capacity of your mining rigs to be? How much storage capacity do you plan to onboard within the next five years?

In the next five years, IPFSUnion aims to deploy one million devices around the world. Our storage scale will reach ZB level.

Q: Your mining facilities are currently only in China, are you exploring the opportunity to expand elsewhere for a more global reach?

“Based in China, looking at the world” The global headquarters of IPFSUnion are located in Shanghai China, while the Big Data headquarters are located in Fuzhou high tech zone, Jiangxi Province, with future headquarters planned for Los Angeles, USA. IPFSUnion has more than 200 IDC data centers around the world, which are distributed in Asia, Europe and Oceania. In the next five years, IPFSUnion aims to deploy one million devices around the world. At present, although the main customers of IPFSUnion are in China, we are also serving customers all over the world, such as Europe, the United States, Singapore, etc.

Q: IPFSUnion is also interested in building a storage platform for video content data and public health data storage with decreased costs in comparison to current storage providers, can you please elaborate on that?

Our upcoming Starpool cloud storage platform can help traditional industries store a large amount of industry data and effectively promote application. Our price is only about one tenth of that of traditional cloud service providers.In addition, we have always maintained close cooperation with industry giants and the government. We will collect a large amount of industry data and store them on Filecoin to actively promote Filecoin Plus, the real data storage and future commercialization.

Q: What do you think the future holds for Filecoin and the decentralized web as a whole?

With the development of science and technology, human society will produce more and more data, and decentralized Filecoin storage will become the trend of future storage due to its advantages of high speed, low cost and high security. The future market will be huge. In our opinion, it’s going to be a trillion level circuit, and we have confidence in the future of IPFS/ Filecoin. As a pioneer of the Filecoin storage industry, IPFSUnion will work with the Filecoin community to promote the development of the ecosystem and lead the upstream and downstream development of the distributed storage industry.

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