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Join us for Filecoin Liftoff on October 19-23 2020

The Filecoin Network is now LIVE! This marks the culmination of years of innovation and hard work, and we thank everyone who dedicated their time, ideas, and expertise to make Filecoin a reality. To read more about this milestone, check our blog post on the launch here.

Join us for Filecoin Liftoff

Next week, let’s celebrate Filecoin’s launch together at Filecoin Liftoff: a series of talks, panels, and workshops curated by the web3 community to chart the network’s future. Registration is free, but required for attendance; we highly encourage you to register and attend as many sessions as you can.

Filecoin Liftoff will be held from October 19-23. Each day will have a different focus, from building on Filecoin to the future of the network, with amazing sessions, speakers, and announcements planned throughout the week.

October 19th - All Systems Go

Join Juan Benet, Dan Boneh, Olaf Carson-Wee, and Marta Belcher to learn about why Filecoin’s launch is a pivotal moment for the decentralized web.

October 20th - Mine

A series of talks, workshops, and panels on Filecoin mining. We’ll hear from Filecoin’s top global miners at the “How I won Space Race” panel and learn how you can get started mining on the Filecoin network with Benjamin Hoesjbo.

October 21st - Build

On Wednesday we’ll be talking about the full decentralized stack. ConsenSys founder, Joe Lubin, and Juan Benet will kick off the day with a fireside chat “Bridging Filecoin and Ethereum”, and we’ll hear from a series of teams and developers building on the Filecoin network. We’ll also have some great talks and workshops to help you get started developing on Filecoin or hone your expertise if you’re already a seasoned pro.

October 22nd - Store

During these sessions, you’ll discover remarkable Filecoin content-hosting tools. Some offer end-user asset storage, while others leverage immutability to ensure that important data is preserved intact. Come listen to Internet Archive founder Brewster Kahle discuss the importance of data preservation, or watch a demo of Filecoin and Pinata to learn more about getting the best of both worlds with hybrid Filecoin/IPFS data storage.

October 23rd - The Future

This is only the beginning for the Filecoin network. On Friday, you’ll have a chance to learn more about the many possibilities that lie before us and chart the future of the network together. We’ll be joined by lots of special guests from the Filecoin Foundation, the Starling Project, the Blockchain Association, and more.

Come join us!

You can find the agenda here. If you’d like to add your own event or celebration to the schedule then you can submit it here. There will also be opportunities to connect and collaborate with the community. Stay tuned! Register now and we’ll see you there.

Filecoin is an open-source cloud storage marketplace, protocol, and incentive layer.