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Filecoin Frontier Accelerator Demo Day: DeFi & Consumer Tech

On April 23, the Filecoin Frontier Accelerator II powered by LongHash Ventures, hosted a demo day to showcase the 11 teams that completed the 3-month accelerator program. During the program, the teams received hands-on venture support, world-class mentorship, dedicated resources from the Filecoin community, and a $20,000 grant to continue building on the Filecoin network. This post profiles the startups building DeFi and consumer tech solutions with or on Filecoin’s technology: Atomica, Ownership Labs, Sinso Technology, and Vera AI.



The cross-chain risk liquidity protocol to accelerate mass adoption of Web3 economies.

What is Atomica?

Atomica is an automated insurance market platform for decentralized finance.

What does Atomica do?

Atomica is a company building autonomous algorithmic protocols designed for developers and capital providers to pool, buy, and sell DeFi risks.

Atomica solves for:

  • High premiums and costs to insure — Instead of humans pricing insurance premiums, with Atomica automated risk markets calculate premium and yield according to utilization rate of each pool. Pay as you go instead of paying monthly premiums.
  • Lack of insurance availability across protocols — With Atomica, you can launch your own insurance markets with an easy to use interface.

How can I learn more about Atomica?

Learn more and contact the team at

Consumer Tech

Ownership Labs

An open data marketplace for trading the computing rights of private data.

What is Ownership Labs?

Ownership Labs is an open data marketplace for personalized service delivery.

What does Ownership Labs do?

Ownership Labs gives users access to asset templates where they can define data sets they want to share and monetize. These data sets are then aggregated into unions. Data buyers can then trace the data lifecycle and run aggregate computation.

Ownership Labs solves for:

  • Lack of ownership over personal data — Individuals lack the ability to control and monetize their own private data, but Ownership Labs has created a marketplace where users can make these decisions directly.
  • Need for better data sourcing — Ownership Labs offers flexible APIs, open-sourced for dapp developers and data scientists.

How can I learn more about Ownership Labs?

Learn more and contact the team at

Sinso Technology

Democratizing access to critical medical services in China.

What is Sinso Technology?

Sinso is a medical imaging data aggregator which enables telemedicine and AI diagnoses.

What does Sinso Technology do?

The Sinso dapp allows patients in China to easily and quickly find and speak with a medical specialist, receive a diagnosis, and start a treatment plan.

Sinso solves for:

  • Access to medical services in China — It’s difficult for patients to navigate finding the right physician for their medical needs in China. The Sinso dapp enables easy matching.
  • Personal data security concerns — Patient health data needs to be protected and the Sinso dapp provides secure and private storage solutions.
  • Data ownership and monetization — The Sinso dapp uses NFTs to enable patients to monetize their data for research, and for doctors to monetize their treatments.

How can I learn more about Sinso Technology?

Learn more and contact the team at

Vera AI

Privacy preserving decentralized identity and decentralized applications.

What is Vera AI?

Vera AI is a persistent, trustworthy identity layer for the Metaverse and VR/AR universe.

What does Vera AI do?

Vera AI empowers trusted verification of identities.

Vera AI solves for:

  • Identity ownership and reputation — Vera AI enables true ownership of identity across virtual experiences, including in VR and metaverses.
  • Centralized database leaks — Vera AI stores all data decentralized and securely.
  • Lack of consistent identity layer for virtual environments — Vera AI anchors real world identities for trust and uses the SideTree protocol to create decentralized identities.

How can I learn more about Vera AI?

To learn more about the Filecoin Frontier Accelerator II powered by LongHash Ventures teams or get in touch, visit

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