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Filecoin Frontier Accelerator Demo Day: NFT and Media Startups

On April 23, the Filecoin Frontier Accelerator II powered by LongHash Ventures, hosted a demo day to showcase the 11 teams that completed the 3-month accelerator program. During the program, the teams received hands-on venture support, world-class mentorship, dedicated resources from the Filecoin community, and a $20,000 grant to continue building on the Filecoin network. This post profiles the startups building applications for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and media solutions with Filecoin’s technology: Curio, Flame, Huddle 01, Myel, NonEntropy Tech, Numbers Protocol, and OP Games.

NFT Startups


Empowering brands to monetize their intellectual property in the entertainment industry with a marketplace for tokenized digital collectibles.

What is Curio?

Curio is a curated NFT marketplace focused on helping brands monetize their intellectual property through non-fungible tokens.

What does Curio do?

Curio partners with the biggest names in entertainment to create officially-licensed digital collectibles that celebrate the characters and moments around shows or property. Each digital collectible brings together animations, video, music, and guaranteed authenticity. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, these NFTs are verifiable and create opportunities for fans to engage with brands that they love in new and different ways with digital fan clubs, memorabilia, and more.

Curio solves for:

  • Companies need a way to digitize IP — Curio serves as a vehicle to monetize opportunities of intellectual property for major music and media companies.
  • No more piece-mealing — Curio provides an end-to-end minting, trading, and integration process and captures value throughout the NFT lifecycle, including through transaction fees on secondary marketplaces.
  • Brands and fans are disconnected — Curio digitizes analog items and experiences to create a new way for fans to interact with their favorite content, creating a new paradigm of communication between brands and fans.

One of their largest client use cases to date has included the American Gods television show, and they are currently partnered with graphic novel brands Concrete Park and Heavy Metal. The team is in discussions with Universal Music Group for opportunities around Metallica, Paul McCartney, and Grateful Dead partnerships, and with the 007 movie franchise.

How can I learn more about Curio?

Learn more and contact the team at:


A decentralized NFT minting solution catered to the mass market creators.

What is Flame?

Flame is a decentralized NFT meeting platform that allows creators to convert and mint assets like podcasts, writing, and art into NFTs with 1 click. The NFTs are then stored with IPFS and Filecoin, and can be monetized in different ways that give creators more control over their work.

What does Flame do?

Flame allows creators to monetize their work and functions similarly to a decentralized Patreon, but with ownership.

Flame solves for:

  • Ad-Based models are impersonal — Flame gives creators new ways to monetize their work with a moderate fan base beyond standard advertising.
  • Creators lack control — Flame allows creators to have more control over revenue and profit-sharing for their work.
  • Content can be lost or changed — Flame stores creator content in a decentralized way with Filecoin so that it isn’t modified, destroyed, or removed.

NonEntropy Tech

An on-chain education platform that incentivizes content creation and learner usage.

What is NonEntropy Tech?

NonEntropy Tech is an on-chain education platform.

What does NonEntropy Tech do?

NonEntropy Tech incentivizes content creation with an online education platform in China’s consumer to consumer tutor market .

NonEntropy solves for:

  • High costs to store and deliver content — NonEntropy Tech uses Filecoin for storage, making the process cheaper and easier to deliver in a decentralized way.
  • Educational revenue models are outdated — NonEntropy Tech earns revenue three ways: through a fee from tutors who charge learners, through an advertising fee from advertisers, and through a service fee from anyone who casts or exchanges NFT content.
  • Weak incentives to drive content creation — tokenomics incentivize high quality educational content creation.
  • Limitation on ownership & exchange of content — NFTs establish data ownership and continued value capture from content creation.

Numbers Protocol

Creating an authentic media network and turning digital creations into assets.

What is Numbers Protocol?

Numbers Protocol is bringing trust into photo ownership through a capture, seal, and trace platform utilizing Web3 technology.

What does Numbers Protocol do?

Every day, 2.5M images are stolen, amounting to 600B in damages. Numbers Protocol’s Capture App can authenticate images and make them traceable.

Numbers Protocol solves for:

  • Photos can be easily modified — Numbers Protocol’s Capture App turns images into assets as NFTs and uses Filecoin for storage to ensure impermanence.
  • Photos can be easily shared without credit or license — Numbers Protocol’s Capture App makes sharing traceable, so assets are used with the right credits or licenses.

How can I learn more about Numbers Protocol?

Learn more and contact the team at

OP Games

A suite of tools that enables multiplayer competitions in single player games.

What is OP Games?

OP Games is creating communities and sharing ownership through a suite of tools built for game developers.

What does OP Games do?

OP Games gives game developers the ability to make competitive and reward-driven games by transforming single player games of skills into competitive multiplayer tournaments.

OP Games solves for:

  • Retention for simple games is a challenge — OP Games offers a platform for game discovery and tournament play, keeping gamer retention alive and healthy.
  • Monetization for games is primarily ad-driven today — OP Games offers an SDK for game developers with multiple monetization options for export.
  • Games are owned by companies, not developers and communities — OP Games allows developers to turn their games into NFTs and fractionalize the NFT, turning their gamer community into owners of the game.

How can I learn more about OP Games?

Learn more and contact the team at

Media Startups

Huddle 01

Revolutionizing video conferences for remote learning using blockchain and Web3 technology.

What is Huddle 01?

Huddle 01 is a new way to meet remotely for the education industry, carefully engineered to avoid video & audio lags, loading time, and voice breakup.

What does Huddle 01 do?

Huddle 01 is a video conferencing product specifically designed for the education industry that allows for a holistic classroom experience. Educators need certain tools to seamlessly deliver class in remote settings, and students need features that can keep the class interactive, collaborative, and learning fun.

Huddle 01 solves for:

  • Missing classroom experience — Huddle 01 offers features like an attendance tracker, rewards for students, collaborative note making and other opportunities to make classes engaging.
  • Sub-par video or audio quality — In large classes choppiness and lag in video and audio is observed far too often and can lead to a bad learning experience. Huddle 01 is built on decentralized technology to solve this problem.
  • High storage costs — Educators generally have to record all the sessions they take. The size of these recordings can be expensive and unsustainable to store. Huddle 01 uses Filecoin for cheaper storage.

How can I learn more about Huddle 01?

Learn more and contact the team at


A community-powered content delivery network.

What is Myel?

Myel offers a decentralized Content Delivery Network, or CDN, for Web3 applications to retrieve content faster from Filecoin via a secondary retrieval market.

What does Myel do?

Myel makes it easier for applications to retrieve content stored on Filecoin without needing expensive infrastructure.

Myel solves for:

  • Moving beyond cold storage — Filecoin needs a secondary retrieval market so content can be retrieved faster. There is currently no decentralized CDN for Web3 applications, and most rely on Web2 CDNs, which can be central points of failure.
  • Lack of payment options — Myel users can pay for CDN services directly in FIL and combine storage deals.

To learn more about the Filecoin Frontier Accelerator II powered by LongHash Ventures teams or get in touch, visit

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