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LongHashX and Protocol Labs Launch First-Ever Metaverse Demo Day

Protocol Labs is proud to continue its collaboration with Asia-based Web3 accelerator LongHash Ventures for the LongHashX Demo Day, hosted in the Cryptovoxels metaverse. The event on January 17th and 18th will be divided into two tracks: the DeFi track enabled by Asia DeFi Network and the Filecoin Frontier Accelerator track supported by Protocol Labs.

“Our move from real-world Demo Days to the metaverse represents the Web3-native approach that we’ve taken with our accelerator program this year,” LongHash Ventures’ Program Lead Stefano Bury explained.

Having partnered with over 40 projects leading the Web3 innovation space across ecosystems including Polkadot, Filecoin, and Algorand, LongHashX has helped raise more than $100 million in the past three years for some of crypto’s most promising projects. This is part of LongHash Ventures’ greater vision to foster the growth of projects that bring “open, inclusive, and equitable financial and social infrastructure.”

Protocol Labs shares this same vision. This year the Filecoin Frontier Accelerator Track showcases four early-stage projects graduating from our accelerator program with flying colors. The projects below are using Filecoin to advance Web3 innovation and sharing in our goal of building an open, secure, and decentralized ecosystem for data storage.

Grape Protocol

DAOs are the next frontier for crypto-native coordination. The DAO tool stack is scattered across multiple platforms. We saw an opportunity to innovate and create better tools by having them all under one roof, with our community to inspire new ideas!” - Dean Pappas, Core Contributor of Grape Protocol

Grape Protocol is a tooling stack for decentralized social network building on Solana. Users hold $GRAPE tokens to gain access to a suite of community-building features. They can then set and define user permissions based on Grape’s distinctive Dynamic Balance-Based Membership solution, allowing for gated access functionality and multi-coin configurations to create social communities that are censorship-resistant and moderator-free.

A DAO-based community system allows $GRAPE holders to benefit and earn in unique ways. From liquidity mining rewards to voting rights and community fund dividends, Grape is redefining social networking and repurposing it for future Web3 generations.

Lit Protocol

The initial idea for Lit Protocol came about because we were hoping to ‘scratch our itch’ to bring more utility to NFTs and DAOs.” - David Sneider, Co-Founder of Lit Protocol

Lit Protocol is decentralizing access control network infrastructures, activating on-and-off chain ramps using token-gated access. In this protocol, access to data, content, and services can be granted when certain on-chain conditions are met by a user.

This gives creative potential to any organization, from DAOs to Web 2.0 companies, to create customized incentive systems. These could be airdrops or even access to exclusive content that only renders when the user holds an NFT or a certain amount of a given token.

Matters Lab

“We are believers in the creator economy. A healthy creator economy requires restraining the power of platforms to empower creators directly with their audiences. That’s why we aim to utilize decentralized technology to empower creators with content, data, and business model freedom.” - Annie, Guo Liu, and Beryl, Co-Founders of Matters Lab

Matters is an open-source, decentralized content publication ecosystem built on top of IPFS. It allows creators to build, monetize digital assets, and self-govern without having to sacrifice control of their data to any platform.

The ‘Matterverse’ is home to, where users can publish content, collaborate on digital assets using Matters’ dynamic NFT system. They can create art as well through Matters’ Space dApp, a DAO-based protocol where users can own and profit from publicly shared content. Matters has the potential to open up new and effective opportunities for incentivizing creators in an ever-evolving Web3 community.


Lighthouse is an open-source, permanent file storage protocol that allows users to pay once and store forever. Because it is built on Filecoin, Lighthouse has a cheaper storage cost and uses existing open-source infrastructure such as IPFS to grant it further flexibility than existing storage solution alternatives on the market today.

Moreover, Lighthouse is easy to integrate for developers looking to add it to their existing stack. It reduces friction by allowing access to Filecoin storage directly through a Lighthouse smart contract already deployed on Ethereum.

Incentives for Demo Day Attendees

The accelerator is delighted to be presenting these incredible projects to the Filecoin ecosystem. Likewise, LongHash Ventures will stay true to form and reward attendees with a portion of an NFT fractionalized by Nibbl. Attendees will also enter a raffle to win exclusive NFTs.

The prize pool includes:

The conditions to win the fractionalized NFT and enter the raffle are to follow LongHash Ventures on Twitter, register for Demo Day, and attend the event live on Cryptovoxels.

LongHashX Demo Day will be livestreamed on Cryptovoxels and on YouTube at 10 pm PST on January 17th or at 2pm SGT/HKT January 18th.

Sign up for Demo Day here.

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