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Mask Network × Filecoin: Bridging the Gap Between Web2 and Web3

Today, Mask Network and Filecoin announced a collaboration to bridge the gap between web2 and web3 by bringing decentralized storage solutions to Mask users.

The Mask Network is a leading protocol connecting web2 platforms with web3 principles. The Mask browser extension allows anyone to interact with others on traditional platforms like Facebook and Twitter, but do so through and with web3 principles and solutions. Users can send and receive encrypted messages, transfer cryptocurrencies, and fund projects on Gitcoin. And soon, store and share files through Filecoin. Download the Mask browser extension and get started.

With the Mask browser extension, users will be able to choose to upload particular files to the Filecoin network, and share them as either encrypted or unencrypted assets to their networks.

The collaboration between Mask and Filecoin allows Mask users to leverage the logic and opportunity of decentralized storage without having to migrate to a new platform or product suite. By integrating with today’s familiar social media products, Mask (and now Filecoin) has greater access to the content creation and data streams of web2. What this means for the Filecoin ecosystem is an accelerated path towards the vision of storing and securing humanity’s digital information.

Filecoin is an open-source cloud storage marketplace, protocol, and incentive layer.