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New Filecoin Storage Provider Mentorship Grants (FSPM) Available


Last month the Filecoin Storage Provider Mentorship Grants Program kicked off as a way to help qualified grantees become Storage Providers (SPs) or nascent SPs to scale their current operations.

The initial promotion of 10 hours of free consulting to the first 10 qualified SPs was almost immediately filled. As high demand for the program continues, we want SPs of all shapes and sizes to find a solution that works for them.

Consulting Package Options

There are now three options SPs can choose from when working with Factor8 Solutions:

  • Orientation: Provides 2 weeks of continuous consulting, worth 10 hours of consulting. This package is meant to guide grantees through fundamental topics such as ROI calculations, server design, and data center selection.
  • Retainer: Provides 4 weeks of continuous consulting, worth 20 hours of consulting. Grantees will receive all benefits from the Orientation package, as well as support for the latest advancements in the space. Furthermore, grantees will be connected with hardware manufacturers and leading Filecoin ecosystem participants.
  • Build: Provides 4 weeks of continuous consulting, worth 40 hours of consulting. In addition to building on both the Orientation and Retainer packages, grantees will receive additional guidance, hands-on support around designing servers, handling logistics, and selecting data center locations.

If you’d like to begin your journey as a Filecoin Storage Provider, please visit the FSPM GitHub and look for the Factor8 Solutions application form. Applications from all backgrounds and regions are welcome, and qualified applicants will have a one-hour follow-up interview with our consultants to determine program fit.

Be sure to visit the SP landing page to explore more resources to get you started on your SP journey. You can also find more information on the Filecoin blog including an overview of the SP ecosystem, the economics of being an SP, and why one should consider becoming an SP.

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