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Slingshot Phase 2.3 Recap

The Slingshot Phase 2.3 Closing Ceremony on June 9th closed what has been one of the most productive phases of the Slingshot Competition yet. Over the last 2 months, several members of the Filecoin community participated in Phase 2.3 of the Slingshot competition. 25 teams onboarded nearly 9 PiB of data onto the network through 300,000 storage deals and were rewarded from a prize pool of 165,000 FIL! At the official phase end (May 14), ~13.4 PiB of data had been onboarded onto Filecoin through Slingshot. Watch the recording of the Phase 2.3 Closing Ceremony here to learn more about the key takeaways from this Phase and hear from some of the participating teams!

The Slingshot competition has the following goals:

  • Preserve humanity’s most important datasets on the Filecoin network
  • Make these important datasets accessible and explorable by anyone in the world
  • Strengthen the Filecoin storage client and developer experience
  • Have fun and build our developer and client communities

Phase 2.3 of the competition started in mid-March and lasted for roughly 2 months. Community members contributed to shaping the expectations for this phase, helping ensure that the efforts of participating teams were being leveraged to maximize the impact of the competition. In addition to a clear focus on retrievability (ensuring all Slingshot data stored should be retrievable by anyone on the network) required submission material for teams included:

  • Documentation – including how the data was processed, stored, and can be retrieved
  • Deal UI – enable users to search through stored content and retrieve specific files
  • Demo video – explains more about the project team’s chosen dataset, how data was stored, and walk through an example retrieval from the network
  • Deal list – a complete list of storage deals made with relevant metadata

To learn more about the data being onboarded through Slingshot and how you can retrieve it from the Filecoin network – the Slingshot website can be used to search for projects that participated in Phase 2.3.). Clicking into any project will show you more details about what dataset that team focused on, information on the deals they made, documentation you can follow to access their data, and logged retrieval attempts made on their stored data. Filecoin’s YouTube channel also has a playlist to watch project teams’ demo videos.

Congratulations to all the teams that participated in this impactful Slingshot phase! The top 5 teams in this phase were:

1. FileDrive

2. FileKun


4. SeeTheWorld

5. IPFS Found

The full list of projects and their corresponding scores and rewards can be found here.

Phase 2.4 is already underway and will run through June 30th. If you are interested in participating, be sure to check out the latest information on Rules and Prizes. Participating teams just crossed the 15 PiB milestone – congratulations! The reward pool is already at 25,000 FIL for eligible teams that will be scored at the end of this Phase. Join the #slingshot-announcements channel on Filecoin Slack to stay up to date on the latest updates on Slingshot and participate in the discussion or ask any questions in #slingshot.

Congratulations once again to the Slingshot community for a successful completion of Phase 2.3 and reaching several milestones for the Network over the past several months! We continue to be impressed and excited by your contributions to Filecoin and look forward to seeing what the near future holds.

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