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Telnyx builds innovative, low-cost object storage on the Filecoin network

Telnyx has always focused on building its own dedicated infrastructure, offering purpose-built tools to meet its customers communications needs. Building a private IP communications network across the globe enabled Telnyx to provide an unparalleled level of service, reliability, and scalability to its customers.

Telnyx’s “do-it-yourself” nature continues to drive cutting-edge solutions for its customers’ challenges—most recently in the object storage market. Amazon S3 has been the dominant player in the space for many years, but its pricing tactics and exorbitant egress fees have left customers feeling frustrated.

Experts believe Web3-based storage technologies can transform object storage for the better. Ashish Nadkarni, Group Vice President and General Manager, Worldwide Infrastructure at expert analyst firm IDC, recently said, “In an era in which IT services are crucial in achieving business objectives, concerns about data privacy and cyber resiliency are top of mind for CIOs. Web3 technologies like Filecoin offer a compelling value proposition to IT Decision Makers seeking to meet compliance and regulatory requirements in a budget friendly manner”.

There are many Amazon S3 competitors offering copycat solutions, but none of them have combined the innovative technology of Filecoin with APIs and infrastructure that enterprises know how to use.

That’s why Telnyx worked with the Filecoin team and ecosystem to build Telnyx Storage. This offering has storage points of presence (PoPs) across the US on the Filecoin network, and a fully S3-compatible API to make it easy for customers to transition their development teams from using S3 services. Telnyx Storage offers low-cost, low-latency file retrieval from a dense network of storage PoPs, with zero egress fees.

With list prices starting at a 90% discount to those of Amazon S3, and a no-egress-fees policy to help customers scale without limitations, Telnyx Storage is an ideal choice for small businesses seeking a scale-friendly partner for their cloud experiences. Plus, customers can get expert service and support from the Telnyx team, especially when integrating object storage alongside our suite of connectivity and communications APIs to build cloud-native applications, managed services or enterprise tooling.

Telnyx is committed to supporting the Filecoin ecosystem. Storage providers (SPs) can join the Telnyx Storage network and participate in more storage deals, and organizations participating in the Filecoin Plus program can store FIL+ data directly on Telnyx infrastructure.

Telnyx is working to accelerate the growth of the Filecoin ecosystem in the B2B world using Telnyx Storage. This will help to create a more open and equitable storage market that better meets the needs of businesses across the globe. If you’re interested in using Telnyx Storage, sign up and try out the API for free today.

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