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Filecoin and FVM’s Most Successful Hackathon Yet!

In anticipation of the Ethereum-compatible Filecoin Virtual Machine (FEVM) launching on Filecoin mainnet on March 14th, the Filecoin community recently completed its largest hackathon to date specifically for developers to kick off building with FEVM! In collaboration with ETHGlobal, FVM Space Warp ran from January 20th to February 10th with overwhelming support from the developer community.

Catch the ETHGlobal hackathon finale here!

Since the last FVM hackathon in November 2022, FEVM has made significant progress in this milestone which enabled developers even more functionality to build with, this time around (full roadmap here)!

The final release of the FEVM’s incremental delivery plan was implemented, which allows developers to build on the final version of FEVM. A new test network, Hyperspace by Factor 8 Solutions, was recently launched to allow developers to build and continuously iterate their projects on a stable test network which will continue to be available after launch. The new Filecoin.sol library by Zondax now allows Solidity smart contracts to seamlessly call methods of Filecoin built-in actors. For example, allowing contracts to interact with the Market and Miner built-in actors, give them access to Filecoin storage deals and Storage Providers’ operations and data respectively, which opens up even more possibilities for storage-related solutions.

The hackathon featured a robust agenda of talks and workshops from the Protocol Labs Network and sponsoring partners, including Lighthouse Storage, LivePeer, Spheron Network, Huddle01 and Push Protocol. These featured exciting new demos with FEVM, including the new data bounty contract for programmatic deal making, AI Art NFTs with Bacalhau’s decentralized compute over data framework on Stable Diffusion and Medusa’s decentralized access control via a threshold network. Watch the full series here.

There was an impressive caliber of project submissions from the hackathon, showing strong developer interest in FEVM which include use cases such as Data DAOs, undercollateralized loans, decentralized computation over data and tooling such as data indexing and data access control. Congratulations to all finalists and prize winners!

Filecoin prize winners

FVM Spaceships (Grand Prize)

FVM Defi Rockets (DeFi)

FVM Discoverability Tools (Tooling)

FVM Docking Modules (Cross-chain)

ETHGlobal finalists

Keep Building

The building doesn’t stop with this hackathon! Hackers are all invited and strongly encouraged to continue building with FEVM, leading up to its launch to the Filecoin main network on March 14th. As part of the Space Warp FEVM launch program, various resources have been dedicated to supporting the success of these projects, including FVM Microgrants, Impact Evaluator rewards program, technical and business mentoring and more. All builders can find out more and participate by signing up here.

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